5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly

Impressing someone may not be easy as it seems to be. Never worry, with little tricks, it may become easier to impress anyone and everyone you meet in your life. Here are 5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly.

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    10 Tips to Boost your Immune System

    For the complete span of 365 days or the since the day we were born to till date be all have been healthy. The reason behind us being healthy is our Immune System. Like soldiers protect their nation the same way, for our body immune system act as a soldier and protect our body from different kind of germs and bacteria. Many people fall sick very easily. That’s because their immune system is not strong enough to protect them. But, don’t worry because you can boost your immune power. Want to know how? Read with us “10 Tips to Boost your Immune System”

    #1. Get Enough Sleep

    Sleep Depriveness suppress the functionality of your system. There are a number of people these days who hardly take 4-5 hours sleep. Cutting on your sleeping hours is not good for your immune system. Make sure you have such a routine so that you are able to sleep for 7 to 9 hours per day.  If your schedule is way too busy and you are not able to sleep for more than 4-5 hours, in that case, try to take a power nap during day time.

    #2. Eat Healthy Food

    Eating healthy food is always good for your health. But for boosting the immune system, eat food that can help you to increase metabolism. You can opt for Citrus Fruits such as Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and increase your metabolism. Vegetable such as Kale, Spinach etc are also rich in Vitamin C and also help you to boost your immune system. You may also like Pros and Cons of Using Dry Shampoo

    #3. Avoid Alcohol Consumption & Smoking

    Alcohol and Smoking are also the reason why people these days have a weak immune system. Drinking alcohol in excess weakens your immune system and also damage your liver. Also, people, these days smoke a lot, in order to relieve stress. But what they don’t know is that Smoking is not only unhealthy for their lungs but it also affects your immune system. As Cigarette contains tar and other chemicals in high amount, smoking it makes your immune system weak and it becomes less effective while fighting with germs and infection.

    #4.  Learn to Manage Stress

    When a person is stressed, his/her immune system ability to protect them against germs and bacteria reduces.  When a person is in stressed, stress hormone known as corticosteroid releases in their body. This stress hormone suppresses the effectiveness of your immune system. To manage stress you can work out, do yoga or go for a walk. You can even hang out with your friends will divert your mind and lower your stress. You may also like 10 Mistakes You should Never Do During Sex

    #5. Get fresh air and sunlight

    Going out in fresh air and sunlight freshen up your mood and make you feel good. But, how does it help you with your immune system? Well, sunlight provides you with Vitamin D. Lower Vitamin D in the human body leads to an increase in the risk of respiratory or immune system related problems. If you don’t want to a victim of any respiratory problem and allow your body to consume your sunlight. So, it can have more Vitamin D and boost your immune system.

    #6. Clean Surface

    No matter how hard we try still, we do come in contact with unhygienic things. During our day we come in contact with many things such as Railings, Doorknobs, Phones, Table, Chair etc. Even though these things are cleaned on a regular basis but we can’t deny the fact they’ll still have full of germs. And, most of the time we don’t even realize but we touch our face or mouth after touching them. You can’t control outdoor things but make sure at home you keep the surface clean. Also, when you are going out keep a hand sanitizer with you.

    #7. Make Use of Garlic

    Garlic is very food for boosting your immune system. The raw form of garlic is best for boosting the immune system. You can peel off 2 pieces of raw garlic and take them with warm water every morning. It’ll help you to boost your immune system. Moreover, it also helps to fight the common cold, and lower the blood pressure. You may also like 5 Zodiac Signs who Always Start the Fight

    #8. Green Tea

    We all know the benefit of green tea. It does not only help us to lose weight but also keep our body healthy. So don’t be amazed to know that it’s good for your immune system too. Green Tea is very rich in antioxidants which helps you to boost up your immune system. It helps your immune system to function normally and protect it from free radicals. So, if you want to lose weight, boost up your immune system or want healthy hair. You have one solution for all your problem that is Green Tea.

    #9. Exercise

    Doing exercise helps you to flush out the bacteria from your lungs and also boots your immune system to fight with various bacteria and diseases. We are not asking you to go for an intense workout but going for a walk for at least 30 minutes that too on a daily basis is a must. Exercise leads to low stress and low stress means a good immune system. You may also like 5 Sanskaari Things You Need in Your Life to replace Un-Sanskaari Things

    #10. Avoid Processed Foods

    Processed Food contain added sugar and artificial chemicals. The carbohydrate used for processed food increase blood sugar and insulin level which leads to a negative effect on health. And, it also has the worst effect on your immune system as it takes more energy to digest processed food and also lower your metabolism. Always try to consume freshly cooked good in order to boost your immune system

    If you have low immune power and you often fall ill because of it. It’s time my friends you should focus on how to boost your immune system. We hope this 10 point we have mentioned above will definitely help you to boost your immune system. Also, do share with us how much you like “10 Tips To Boost Your Immune System”.


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