Privacy & Policy

The website Style and Geek ( is maintained by Style and Geek Administration.

The Publisher of the website Style and Geek ( (“Publisher”) collects personally identifying data and information about the users when:

  • When they provide information to us, such as when they sign up or register for any of our publishing products including subscriptions, publications, contents, emails, memberships, newsletters, webcasts, RSS feeds, online seminars, and conferences etc.
  • When they sign up or register on one of our websites, the information becomes known to the website publisher.
  • From time to time, we may add some other information which we have collected from a third party source for enhancing the information which you have provided to the Publisher.

We keep on reevaluating and altering our Privacy Policy from time to time and reserve the right to change the policy any time. However, if there are any changes pertaining to the use of personally identifying data and information which is different from the one stated at the time of collection of this information, we will inform you by posting a notice on the website Style and Geek (

The Publisher of the website Style and Geek ( or the third party partners or website advertisers may place “cookies” the online tracking tools in the browser files of a website’s users’ computer. While cookie itself does not possess any personally identifying information (except when this information has been provided by a registered user or subscriber), but the cookies placed in a user’s computer browser may be used for collecting the web browsing data for serving further interest-based advertising, called as online behavioural advertising.

When you register with our website Style and Geek (, the information in your cookie is leveraged for providing you a more persona,ized browsing experience on our site as well. On the flip side, if you have not registered with our website Style and Geek (, we might place a cookie on your computer system for offering you a personalized browsing experience. This cookie identifies your system as one of the unique users with a help of a user tracking ID.

The information which we collect from the users is used for the various purposes including:

  • For improving the design and content of our website.
  • For enabling our audit bureau to verify our traffic claims to our website
  • For helping the marketers, advertisers and potential advertisers to assess our website’s suitability for their advertising campaigns.
  • As the pixel tags, or clear GIFs provided by our advertisement-serving company to aid the online advertising management. These clear GIFs or pixel tags let our advertisement-serving company identify a browser’s cookie when a user visits our website. The information which we share through it is not the personally identifiable information and it does not include any name, telephone number, email address or physical address.
  • We may leverage the collected customer data to understand more about our customers’ interests and may utilize this data for offering the services and products which we believe may look interesting to our users.