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    Raw Rituals Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask

    Hey my lovely peeps, it’s been long since I reviewed products. Was involved with tons of things along with back to back health issues in past 4-5 months. These things took a lot on my skin and hair. Unnecessary weight gain, huge hair fall, dull skin, acne, tanned skin and dark spots along with acne marks dominated me. So finally, I thought enough is enough time to get back to shape, good hair and of course glowing clear and clean face. So, the hunt started. Today I will be sharing my views on 1 product I got for my skin. So, take a look at review of Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask from raw rituals, Raw Rituals Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask.


    About Company

    Raw Rituals offer Chemical Free Organic Self Care Products. Their products are hand made using ingredients from nature. They insist on following ways of natural healing for self-care. Hence their products do not comprise of any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, lathering agents, emulsifiers, or other chemical ingredients. All Raw Rituals Self-care products are Free of SLS, SLEs, Paraben, Preservatives, synthetic and chemical fragrances, Free of Alcohol & synthetic and artificial colors. Each of the Raw Rituals product is handcrafted in extremely small batches to ensure high levels of quality and consistency.

    What Company says about Product

    Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask is a mix as you go type of mask infused with Licorice root extract to brighten and lighten the skin. It gently cleanses, draws out impurities & boost skin’s natural radiance and glow. This formula has Orange peel, hibiscus, rose, lavender and Fuller’s earth which helps in improving skin’s overall condition by minimizing discoloration resulting from acne, sun rays & aging.

    Ingredients: Contains Licorice root, Hibiscus, Orange peel, Rose, Aloe vera, Fuller’s Earth & Almonds. Essential oils – Rose Geranium and Lavender.

    Price: Rs.375 for 25 gms (Shelf life 6 months)

    My Take on Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask:

    On 1st look, I totally loved the packaging & color of scrub. This face powder is powder form with tiny grainy particles. The mask is wheatish yellow in color with nice aromatic smell. The pack comes with a white lid that protects the product from air.

    The key ingredients are Licorice root, Hibiscus, Orange peel, Rose, Aloe vera, Fuller’s Earth & Almonds. Essential oils – Rose Geranium and Lavender.

    As per company it helps lighten dark spots and even out the skin tone. Aids in soothing & evening skin tone as a result of pigmentation, discoloration, acne & age spots to reveal a healthier younger skin. Removes impurities & clears skin congestion thus revealing a glowing appearance. Nourishes skin deeply.

    I took a spoon amount of product in a clean bowl and added some rose water. I have combination skin with T-zone oily and cheeks dry. So I use rose water mostly in my face packs. I mixed to make a normal pack (neither thick nor running) and then applied on clean face and neck. I allowed it to dry normally for 15min. Post 15 minutes the pack got dry then I wet my hands and started massaging face in circular motion to remove the pack. I washed face with normal tap water and then pat dry the face. Now here I will tell you my experience post the pack.

    Just one word: OMG!!! My face felt totally NEW 😀 Since 4-5 months, my skin felt dull with lots of dead skin with ZERO care but just 15 min and my skin felt so clean. I could feel dead skin being removed and a subtle pinking glow on my face. I couldn’t help touvhing my face all day long. Even my friend complimented me saying “Di, aj facial kra ke aye ho?” {means have you got a facial done?}

    Not only glow and clean face, I could visibly see less blackheads and a smooth nose. My nose has big open pores and I have always been worried for my big open pores and I could see pores shrinked.

    The glow on face lasts for 2-3 days but clean bright face lasts for almost 4-5 days (I am a working woman and usually out in sun daily). So, I have figured out I need to use this twice a week and I can enjoy a clean, clear, glowing and bright face. Finally, I feel like Sanyas leke, and is pack ko leke Goa chali jau 😛 as Raw Rituals Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask can protect my skin from anything now 😛 Best part which I love the most it is “Chemical Free” and “Cruelty Free”.

    Why to Buy:

    *Helps lighten dark spots

    *Gives healthy glow to skin

    *Even out the skin tone

    *Helps in treating pigmentation, discoloration of skin

    *Heals acne & age spots

    *Brings a healthier younger skin

    *Removes impurities & clears skin congestion

    *Nourishes skin deeply

    *Totally chemical free

    *Cruelty Free

    Why Buy from Raw Rituals?

    Handmade fresh with no chemicals or preservatives of any kind. A soothing pack cum scrub made with Licorice Root Extract & Hibiscus powder to enhance skin’s elasticity and removing dead skin cells. It helps in brightening and lightening the skin.

    Will I Repurchase

    Go for Raw Rituals Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask especially if you want best chemical free answer to your skin issues!

    My Rating

    I will give 4.75 out of 5 Stars to Rituals Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask {0.25 less just to say, thoda discount viscount and giveaway kro Raw Rituals & isse b better product la k hum logo ko apsara jaise sundar bna do 😛 #JustKidding}

    Will I Recommend?

    Yes, Yes and YES!!!! Go grab your Raw Rituals Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask today as they are totally Chemical Free, Natural & hence safe for our body. Best thing- use it if you want to enjoy a clean, clear, glowing and bright face.

    Where to Buy:

    You can buy Raw Rituals Products at their official Website or at Amazon.

    Raw Rituals FaceBook: Raw Rituals

    Raw Rituals Instagram: Raw Rituals

    Raw Rituals Contact Number: 8347006991

    Let me know how much you liked Raw Rituals Licorice Skin Polish Face Mask Review.

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