Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Regime Kit

Hey my lovely peeps, hope you all enjoying the late monsoons. Today I will be reviewing a special hair combo that is specially crafted for Hair Fall and Faster Hair Growth. This combo of Hair Oil and Hair Shampoo is from Hair Sanjeevani. Hair Sanjeevani is a revolutionary hair growth regime that helps stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth through the combined genius of the ancient wisdom and the marvels of the modern herbal advancements. So, take a look at the review of Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Regime Kit.

About Company

We have left no stone unturned during our research and effort to provide a hair care regime which solves all your hair issue right at its root cause. We have 36 herbs which we customize based on your every individual’s exposure to pollution namely air, water heat, and work environment. We use real-time data of air pollution daily for hundreds of locations across India and basis that customize herbs for a two months period. We also use water-related contaminations across India and also the type of water used by every individual to suggest and customize herbs based on and details of water pollution at various locations.

What Company says about Product

Hair Sanjeevani is a powerful hair growth regime that has combined the strength of twenty ancient ayurvedic and newly discovered modern herbs which work together to eradicate your hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, premature graying and most importantly encouraging new hair growth.


 Onion Oil  Argan Oil  Bhringaraj Extract  Aloe Vera  Castor Oil  Hibiscus Extract  Amla  Reetha  Shikakai  Brahmi  Shea Butter  Mango Butter  Green Coffee  Fenugreek (Methi)  Black Seed Oil  Lemon  Neem Oil  Basil  Coconut Oil   Arnica  Casia  Vitamin E  Ginseng  Gotu Kala  Henna  Jatamansi  Licorice  Mango Butter  Marsh Mallow  Pipalli  Ratanjot  Rosery Pea  Sandalwood Oil  Sunflower Oil and more.

Price: Rs.1999 for the combo but I got it for 1499/- with ongoing discount


My Take on Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Regime Kit:

The kit consists of 2 products Hair Sanjeevani-Therapeutic Hair Oil and Hair Sanjeevani- Mild Detox Shampoo. Both of the products are 200ml each. The products come in an attractive plastic bottle. The packaging is very attractive and bottles come in a beautiful plastic box.

Hair Sanjeevani-Therapeutic Hair Oil 

It is a unique and effective hair growth oil that is formulated with ancient Vedic and modern global herbs. These ancient herbs are rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, glycerides which nourish and stimulate your hair roots. The modern global herbs have anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties which moisturize, repair and shield your hair. These modern herbs which work together to eradicate your hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, premature greying and most importantly encouraging new hair growth.


Hair Sanjeevani- Mild Detox Shampoo

The shampoo is made of Age-old vedic and modern global herbs prepare your scalp for hair growth. With its mild and sulphate free shampoo base, it controls hair damage and deep cleanses harmful toxins, dust, dirt, soot and other chemicals. Moreover, it forms a protective layer on your hair which locks the moisture in your hair.


The oil has nice aromatic fragrance and is quite enriched oil. Small amount is enough to cover the entire scalp. Consistency is neither too runny nor too thick, but a perfectly dense one. Shampoo is a bit runny in consistency but lathers nicely and cleans the scalp effectively.

Apply it overnight and shampoo with Hair Sanjeevani Mild Detox Shampoo next morning. Next day hair will be very soft and smooth to touch. Use it 3 times a week with the same routine and you will be able to see good results.



Will I Repurchase: 

Go for Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Regime Kit especially if you want the best chemical-free answer to your skin issues!

My Rating: 

I will give 4 out of 5 Stars to Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Regime Kit

Will I Recommend:

Yes, if you are also suffering from heavy hair fall go for it. Moreover, Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Regime Kit is totally Chemical Free, Natural & hence safe for regular usage.


Where to Buy:

You can buy Hair Sanjeevani Products at their official Website here.

Hair Sanjeevani FaceBook: Hair Sanjeevani

Hair Sanjeevani Instagram: Hair Sanjeevani

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