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    5 Things to do When He doesn’t Call You Back | Style and Geek |

    If you’ve been together for 6 months or more or less, there are times where there’s a problem with communication it can be ignored or it may be due to the other person being busy. When you face such a situation you get concerned and feel secluded when he doesn’t call back. Some guys don’t like calling or texting they just like meeting people. We don’t realize it but many guys prefer being visual to any auditory form of communication. Fighting, to find solutions to why he doesn’t call you, but don’t you worry there is the solution to every problem. Here are 5 Things to do when He doesn’t call you back.

    5 Things to do When He doesn’t Call You Back:

    1. Send Him a Casual Text just Avoid Yourself from Spamming Him with lots of Messages:

    See, if you’ve been treated silently for too long then maybe you should send him a casual text. Try to remember if you have been told that he is busy with things or something is going on then don’t text. Let him fall back on you. Try getting in touch if it’s been a long time, so at least you’ll have an idea where you two stand. Try to reach him by texting once or twice to ask what’s going on. Spamming him with lots of messages or texting mad and demanding texts would push him far away so just keep it casual. And even if he says that he’ll call back soon or doesn’t respond at all, and then you should not try again and know that it’s not worth it, you tried your best by your side.

    2. Try to Reach Him Out In-Person and Never Involve a Third Person:

    If it’s possible always try to reach out to him in person. Because you’ll always know what’s up and how’s he doing. Communication is always 10X times better in person. As it will always, help you to know the person well. And keep in mind never to involve a third person like texting or calling his best friend to know where he is, what is he doing or is he with him, don’t ever do that it’ll seem as if you are being obsessed.

    5 Things to do When He doesn’t Call You Back | Style and Geek |

    3. Get a Hobby, Stay Fit, Avoid Posting anything Negative Related Posts on Social Media:

    Again make sure you don’t make things public on social media on how’s it going between you’ll as it doesn’t look good and also give negative impact on him thinking that you are trying to get sympathy. Rather than sitting and wasting your time waiting for him to call back try finding things that give you joy and pleasure, do those things, and try to get things off your mind. Stay fit start hitting the gym, get into that summer body you always wished for and stay healthy and beautiful make him regret.

    5 Things to do When He doesn’t Call You Back | Style and Geek |

    4. Remain Happy, Treat Yourself, Don’t Wait for Him:

    Starts living your life happily make him know that if he doesn’t call you back, his loss. You ain’t going to wait for him, to live your life happily. Always believe in yourself and know your worth. Instead of sending him long or tons of messages, it’s better to live our life to the fullest and being happy around. That’s the best message he’ll get once he knows how much you value yourself and love yourself.

    5. Your Expectations are Different, You Deserve More, Ask Yourself is it Worth it:

    Always have options and keep an open mind when you come in these situations.  You have different expectations than them and you deserve a lot more than you are facing right now. Ask yourself questions is it worth it, is this what I want. Always keep in mind that if it’s meant to be it will be. So stop stressing yourself out for such little things and start working out on yourself and stay happy.

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