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    7 super foods you should be eating everyday for hair growth

    Hair loss is also known as baldness it refers to loss of hair from head. Due to hair loss some people is psychological distress. There are lots of causes of hair loss some reasons are due to heredity, hormonal changes, or because of some medical conditions or it can be a normal part of aging. Hair loss is commonly dealt by lots of people. But it’s more common in men. Baldness means lots of hair loss from scalp. The most common cause of hair fall is due to heredity hair loss with age. Hair loss is a natural part of life; it is upsetting for lots of people. It is abrupt and it happens over a period of time. When it is heredity you can do nothing about your hair loss, due to genetic factors. When the reason of your hair fall is not heredity there are few things that will help for hair growth. There are few super foods that will help with hair growth if you eat every day. 7 super foods you should be eating everyday for hair growth 

    7 super foods you should be eating everyday for hair growth:

    1. Eggs

    The two most important nutrients for promoting proper hair growth are protein and biotin, and eggs are a great source of protein and biotin. The outer layer of hair is composed of protein which is why nutrients is important for hair growth. For the production of keratin, biotin is very necessary. Major hair loss can be due to deficiency of biotin. So an egg a day is a great idea!

    2. Beans

    For good hair growth plant based protein are great, and beans are a fantastic source. They also content zinc and mineral which is good for repairing hair.

    3. Berries

    For health in general berries are great but especially for hair berries are the best thing. It contains vitamin C which provides vital antioxidants. This antioxidants protects your hair from damage by reducing the free radicals that are responsible for oxidization.

    7 super foods you should be eating everyday for hair growth

    4. Spinach

    Extremely nutrient dense foods like spinach and other green leafy vegetables is really good for hair growth. These nutrients are really beneficial as they posses vitamin A vitamin C and iron. Vitamin A helps the skin to produce sebum, which naturally moisturizes the scalp.

    5. Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potato fries are fantastic to eat as they also provide amazing benefits to your hair.

    6. Avocados

    If you are a vegetarian and don’t want to consume fish or fish oil you should prefer eating avocado in your diet instead. Your daily recommended vitamin E requirement can be covered in a single avocado. As to promote hair growth vitamin E is necessary and avocado has 21%. So plus points is its delicious and contains vitamin E.

    7 super foods you should be eating everyday for hair growth

    7. Seeds

    Seeds are extremely nutrients dense. You can easily meet your daily recommended requirement of multiple nutrients as seeds contain a massive amount of vitamins and minerals in each seed like, flax seed or pumpkin seeds.






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