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    5 Ways to Beat Pre-Performance Nerves

    When you are supposed to speak in front of audience it is natural to feel nervous as your body releases stress hormones which helps you focus. Its normal many people feel stress when they have to stand in front of class and speak as either you make mistakes or you are laughed upon. So releases stress hormones is your body’s way to help you do your best. You are not alone there are millions of people facing performance anxiety which is also known as stage fear. All the stage artists like singer’s, actors and many other public speakers often get performance anxiety. This can take away your opportunities that you actually love to do. This can also affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. There are still things that will help you control your emotions and reduce your anxiety. So the 5 ways to beat your pre-performance nerves are as given below:

    5 Ways to Beat Pre-Performance Nerves:

    1. Always be prepared beforehand:

    You are most likely to feel Nausea and an uneasy feeling in your stomach. But if you are well prepared, you have practiced or rehearsed earlier then you will feel relax and ready. Nothing can calm you down more than when you are actually prepared and it will also make you feel more confident.

    5 Ways to Beat Pre-Performance Nerves

    2. Get in the right frame of mind:

    Instead of thinking that what could go wrong, think that you are prepared and ready to face it. Have positive energy inside you. Always cheer yourself up before such events tell yourself you can do this and you’ll kill this performance whether it is with your team or alone it’ll motivate yourself and gain confidence.

    3. Always think different ways to chill:

    Lot’s of time there Is time gap between your performance so a lot of people try to rehearse again, some try to relax themselves, or listen to calming songs, take deep breathe to calm themselves, some take inspirational photo to look at, and some try to be active to keep them relax. So find out what things make you calm and relax before a performance.

    5 Ways to Beat Pre-Performance Nerves

    4. Don’t be afraid:

    When you make a small mistake while performing, don’t freak out. Don’t pay attention to it rather look out and remind yourself that it’s still not needed you can still make it better and just let it be there. Use your calming strategies and remind yourself why you were there and your goals and then keep going don’t let your one mistake pull you down.

    5. Always look after yourself:

    Its normal before such performances to fell nervous and have breakdowns too. But don’t beat yourself up to it. Eat well, sleep well, give yourself some break, relax yourself, be healthy. Before your performance give yourself proper amount of sleep, nutrients etc. Do exercise, yoga and keep yourself strong and healthy. This are some excellent way to keep your stress hormones in control.

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