5 Places Guys Secretly Wished To Be Touched

We often tend to talk about women when it comes to sensuality. What they want, where they secretly wished to be touched, what they like, what they don’t like etc. However, what about men? Don’t they have any kind of secret wish? Well, they do. Men also want their woman to take a lead at times and they secretly wished to be touched at a particular place as it drives them crazy. So, why keep your man away from the pleasure he is actually dying for. Check out with us “5 Places Guys Secretly Wished To Be Touched.”

#1. Play With His Hair

All the out there I want to ask you a question. Don’t you find it really seductive when your man play with your hair? You do right, so does he. We agree men do have short hair but they love it when you move your fingers through his hairs. Even if your man doesn’t have any hair trust me he still wants you to move your fingers through his head because the scalp is very sensitive and he just loves the sensation, when you do the same for him. Just like women, men also spent hours taking care of their hair and when you notice it, it actually makes him feel special. You may also like Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

#2. Neck

There’s no doubt about how sensitive this area is. But, unfortunately, this is one of the most ignored parts of the body when it comes to men. Just like women love when their man shower them with a lot of kisses over the neck, the same way men also love it. Nibble lightly on his neck or run your tongue through his neck. You’ll see him going crazy like never before. This is something your man can never get enough of. You may also like Places Women Secretly Wished To Be Touched

#3- Ears

You may be thinking that what you can do with his ear. But, trust me this little body part can actually turn him on. Whisper something really romantic or sexy in his ear and see the magic. You can tell him how amazing he smells and how it makes you go crazy. Tease him by gently biting his earlobe. Move your tongue from his earlobe to his neck. However, make sure you to be careful while kissing his ear canal, after no one like their ear canal to be filled with saliva.

#4- Pay Attention to his Nipples

Well, men too have nipples, it another thing that they are ignored. Men nipples may not be as sensitive as your but most of them love it when you touch them. You can ask your men directly if he likes it or not. But, in case if you are too shy to ask, try to touch his nipples with your fingers your using your tongue and see his reaction, you’ll know what you gotta do next. You may also like Monsoon Skin Care Tips for Men

#5- Inner Thighs

Inner thighs are really sensitive and too close to his favorite sensual body part. Explore the area with your finger or in different ways as your partner likes. And, you’ll see how it turns him on in just one instant. Well, you know your partner the best and you are well aware of what he likes and what not so do explore his inner thighs in your own way to make your partner happy.

There were “5 Places Guys Secretly Wished To Be Touched”. While making love try to explore some unexplored area. It’ll make you experience something new and you’ll know more about your partners. So, next time you spend some cozy time with your partner make sure you keep these places in your mind. Also, do share your views about “5 Places Guys Secretly Wished To Be Touched”.

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