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    Places Women Secretly Wished To Be Touched

    Making your girl feel special during foreplay or sex is something every man desires. Every man wishes to make satisfy his woman in every possible way. But, unknowingly they neglect some part of the women untouched that women secretly longed for. During foreplay men directly go for the parts they loved the most and ignore the other sensitive part of the woman. So, if you really want to spice up the things, then check out “Places Women Secretly Wished To Be Touched”.

    #1. Nape of The Neck

    When it comes to the nape of the neck don’t hesitate and plant a lot of kisses over there. It’ll surely have a great effect on her. In ancient time, men in Japan used to find women neck very attractive and that’s the reason why it was never covered with a cloth. Well, that quite funny. However, this part of the body is very sensitive and when you kiss there it surely turns your woman on. So, next time don’t forget to shower her a lot of kisses from hairline to the shoulder.

    #2. Hair

    Just for looking good is not the only reason why women take so much care of their hairs. They know what effect their hair have on men. So, for you, they keep their hair maintained. And, neglecting them during foreplay is simply not an option. Many of us may don’t know this but, when men run their hand through woman’s hair, it sends tingles through her spine and she just simply love it. So, do give her a massage from nape to the temples and you’ll see her all turned on. You may also like Healthy Late Night Snacks That Keeps You Full

    #3. Earlobes

    Just like you men love it when she play with your earlobe. Same way women go all crazy when men kiss and bite her earlobes. Earlobes are very soft and also a sensitive part and women the sensation which they get while they kiss them or bite it to tease her. You can also go around the rest of the ear too but, for the god’s sake avoid the inner part of her ear.

    #4. Inner thighs

    Caressing the inner thighs without venturing the vaginal area is something an amazing way to tease her and get her all turned on. Make use of your mouth and hands to caress her inner thigh and shower it with a lot of kisses. Go close enough to her pleasure spot and then pull back is an amazing way to tease her and make her demand more from you.

    #5. Behind her knees

    Behind the knees is something men can’t even think of. This area is quite a sensitive spot. Caressing this area gently in public while she is in her skirts or shorts will make her all ready to get busy once you two get home. Also, when you two are alone don’t forget to shower this spot with your attention. You may also like Foods Item that actually helps to lose weight

    Bonus Point- Don’t Go There

    Till now we shared the body parts where women secretly wished to be touched. But, there are some no go areas too which every man should be aware of. Some women don’t like it when you touch their face, while it becomes unbearable for some when their hands got tickled. Well, as you cuddle more with your partner You’ll know more about which body part has what effect on her and which are you should avoid. You may also like DIY Hair Spray For Damaged Hair

    These were “Places Women Secretly Wished To Be Touched”. So, next time you cuddle with your partner make sure you shower her with a lot of love in these untouched areas. And, all the women out there, if there’s any other area where you would like to be touched do share with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share your views about “Places Women Secretly Wished To Be Touched”.

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