Now You can’t play PUBG for more than 6 hours- Here’s Why

PUBG is back again to grab your attention. Just a few months ago we read how student association requested the PUBG Ban as it was affecting students studies. Here’s another news regarding PUBG that’ll make PUBG lovers go crazy. Are you also a PUBG lover? Do you also want to latest PUBG new? Come and check out with us more about “Now You can’t play PUBG for more than 6 hours- Here’s Why”

Talking about PUBG, especially PUBG in India, things don’t seem to go well. Ban has been imposed on PUBG in some states as its affecting student’s studies and board result and moreover, more than 20 people got arrested because of PUBG. The PUBG addiction doesn’t seem less harming than that of drugs. Not only this, a boy died in Telangana because of PUBG. He played PUBG for 45 days straight, which had an adverse effect on his health and lead him to death. This game is having an adverse effect on children but, is banning is the right solution? You may also like DIY Scrub to Get Rid of Face & Body Acne

PUBG- Time Restriction

Ban is not the sole solution to the problem. Information about the popular video-game from the discussion platform is spreading that PUBG in India will soon be imposed with a time restriction of 6 hours. Once you have played for 6 hours you’ll receive a notification stating “You have played this game for 6 hours today, please come back tomorrow.” Not only this, the player under the age of 18 will be having time restriction of 2-3 hours before reaching the 6 hours’ time restriction notification. Though there is no official confirmation from the team regarding the same. But, there this screenshot from the team, which do confirms this development. You may also like Rare Diseases That Give People Superhero-Like Abilities

So what do you people think about Imposing time restriction? Is it fair enough or not? Or since it’s affecting so many people life banning it completely is the right decision? Do share your views with us in the comment section. Also, tell us if there’s any other solution you have in your mind regarding PUBG addiction. And don’t forget to tell us how much you like “Now You can’t play PUBG for more than 6 hours- Here’s Why”


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