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    Best Memes of Scared Games

    Sacred Games second season was finally released on 15th August, on Netflix, after making people wait for almost a year. As we all know that social media platforms are trending with meme’s related to scared games. Be it Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. That’s why today we are going to entertain you with the “Best Memes of Scared Games”. If you have already watched season 2 of Sacred Games, you’ll be able to relate very well with these memes. Let’s check out “Best Memes of Scared Games”.

    #1. Rahul Bose after spending Rs 442 for 2 bananas

    #2. The First Question I’ll Ask On My Date

    #3. When your relatives trying to teach you about life

    You to your minds:

    #4. When I say abhi abhi peena shuru kiya hai and ends up drinking 20 pegs.
    Friend :

    #5. Teacher to class: I hope sabko yeh chapter samajh aa raha hoga..
    Le Back benchers

    #6. When you ask your friend for money!

    #7. Sacred Games fans without Netflix Subscription Right now :

    #8. Brothers after giving money to thier sisters on rakshabandhan

    #9. *opens netflix at 12 am *

    Netflix to me:

    #10. When you increase your phone’s brightness at night by mistake.

    #11. Every Indian parent :

    #12. takes a dig at swara bhaskar

    #13. He : Kaha Par Hai Tu?

    *Friend : (Smoking Weed)

    #14. When sanjay manjrekar comes to do commentry

    #15. Ppl clearing be like ::

    #16. Indians at 12 am waiting for Sacred Games..

    #17. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to watch 

    #18. Right now I am on episode 4 and till now and if Gaitonde’s situation had a face:

    #19. Me in Physics Class:

    #20. Pic1 :people watching kasauti zindagi ki
    Pic2 : people watching sacred games

    #21. The friend who shares his Netflix id and password today :

    #22. Any random guys ask about my girlfriend.
    Me :

    #23. Me with my self-respect after falling for her

    #23. People Buying Netflix Subscription After Uploading Season 2.
    CEO Of Netflix :

    #24. Friend – kitne din mein mil raha hai?

    Me –

    #25. After breakup when I ask her, ki tuhne itna din se chutiya kaata, kya samajh ke kaata.
    She :

    Source: Scoopwhoop

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