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    Home Remedies for Hair Fall (How to Stop Hair Fall)

    Hair fall has been the talk of the town these days. Even people of a very tender age are suffering from hair fail. These has largely being caused due to the improper lifestyle, stress, lack of balanced diet and use of chemical hair products. We very well know that if there is a problem, there must be a solution. Thus you can follow the hair fall Remedies enlisted below along with having balanced diet and avoiding harmful chemical products to put an end to falling of hairs. Here are Home Remedies for Hair Fall & How to Stop Hair Fall that you should know.

    Home Remedies for Hair Fall

    1. Coconut Oil Massage

    One of the best Home Remedies for Hair Fall is Coconut Oil maasage. Hot oil massage can act as a wonder on controlling hair fall. The most effective way to apply is to mix hot coconut oil with lime juice. Regular application of this can make the roots of your hair extra strong and thus reduce hair fall.

    2. Almond Oil Massage

    Still worried on How to Stop Hair Fall? Almond oil stimulates the hair follicles and thus help in the hair growth. Thus application of almond oil on hairs 3 times a week can be quite effective in control of hair fall.

    3. Neem Oil

    Neem oil is superb for hairs especially if you are looking for effective Home Remedies for Hair Fall. Apart of being useful in the control in hair fall, it can perhaps also be used in preventing lice and dandruff as well as stopping of greying of hairs.

    4. Amla Oil

    Want to know how to grow hair faster? Amla oil is considered as the best home remedy for hair fall reduction. It can be easily made by boiling dried amla with coconut oil. It can also help in controlling of grey hairs.

    5. Use of Lavender Oil

    Wondering why Lavender Oil? Lavender oil when applied 3-4 times a week and massaged can effectively have a very good result on reduction of hair fall. Plus it helps hair grow faster as well. Nice tip right?

    6. Use of Heena

    100 gm of Heena, when combined with 250 gm of mustard oil and then massaged properly, can, in turn, be one of the best home remedies for hair fall.

    7. Use of Aloevera Gel

    We all know benefits of Aloevera for health but did you know it is also one of the best Home Remedies for Hair Fall. Aloevera gel can help you get rid of problem of excess hair fall. Aloevera gel, when applied regularly, helps nourish your dry hairs as well as makes it smooth. It make hair silky too.

    8. Mixture of Egg Yolk and Honey

    Egg is considered one of the best tips to control hair fall. You will see a drastic difference when you apply egg yolk alongside honey. It will stop falling of hairs and will condition your hair.

    9. Goose Berries

    They are very effective in hair fall reduction. You can soak few gooseberries in a cup of milk for couple of hours and apply on your scalp for around an hour and then you can wash with cold water.

    10. Avoid Washing of Hair with Cold Water and Hot Water

    You should never wash your hairs with very hot or very cold water.It can cause severe damage to your hairs.

    11. Application of Fenugreek Seeds

    You should soak fenugreek seeds overnight and apply on hair in the morning and then wash it using any mild shampoo. It can control your hair fall and will give an all-new texture to your hair.

    12. Application of Egg Yolk

    Need best tips to control hair fall? Apply egg yolk for 30 mins on your hair. It will help you fight out hairfall and also act as a wonderful conditioner.

    13. Mixture of Gram Flour and Coconut Milk

    You can apply a mixture of gram flour and coconut milk on your hair for a time frame of 60 minutes. You will experience extra ordinary results and will notice that the falling of hairs is vanished.

    14. Use of Amla, Reetha, and Sikakai

    Use this below tip as it has been considered as one of the best tip on how to grow hair faster. Soak amla, reetha, and sikakai overnight and boil them in the morning. Filter them and apply the water onto the hair. This is one of the tested home remedies for hair fall.

    15. Combination of Pepper Powder with Yogurt

    Mix yogurt alongside black pepper powder and then use on the hair for about a hour. This is quite useful hair tonic and helps fight hair fall.

    16. Combination of Fenugreek with Yogurt

    Soak fenugreek with yogurt overnight and then grind the mentioned two mixtures. Use this application on your hair and witness a beautiful result.

    17. Use of Homemade Shampoo

    Homemade shampoo can be made by mixing yogurt, raw gram powder, and lemon juice. Use this mixture for 30 minutes and then finally wash your hair with cold water.

    18. Use of Neem Leaves

    Neem leaves is one of the very best tips to control hair fall.  Boil neem leaves for about 15 minutes and then wash the hairs with this water.

    19. Mixture of Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil

    Mix all three oils with camphor ball and then heat them for a small period. Apply them on the hair and scalp and massage for 30 minutes. This will keep a check on falling of hairs and will also make your hair shiny and silky.

    20. Towel Stream

    Want to know easiest way how to grow hair faster? After washing your hair try taking a 5 minutes towel stream. This can produce excellent results and will help make your hair strong.

    21. Mixture of Coconut Oil and Goose Berries

    Take coconut oil and mix goose berries in it. Use it regularly on hair. It will fight hair hall and promote hair growth. It has been appreciated as one of the best tips to control hair fall.

    22. Application of Dry Amla with Coconut Oil

    Many people ask for easy to use tips on How to stop hair fall! Mix coconut oil with dry amla and heat it for 10 minutes. Apply this mixture on your hair regularly to control falling of hairs and as well as premature greying of hair.

    23. Mixture of Amla Juice and Lemon Juice

    Amla is a miracle food for hair. Mix Amla juice and lemon juice and apply it regularly. This will help in the control in the falling of hair fall. This is the reason Amla has been called as the best answer on How to stop hair fall.

    24. Use of Green Coriander Leaves

    Another best Home Remedies for Hair Fall is green coriander leaves. Pour out juice from the coriander leaves. And apply that on your scalp and hairs.

    25. Heena Leaves when mixed with Mustard Oil

    Mustard Oil is a boon for hair & heena we all know is healthy for hair texture. So here comes your next remedy on how to grow hair faster, Boil heena leaves in mustered oil in the proportion of 1:5. It is one of the best remedies for hairfall.

    26. Use of Coconut Milk

    Apply coconut oil on a regular basis to see magical results. After a period of time, you will witness thick growing hairs and absolutely no hair fall.

    27. Use of Lime Seeds and Black Pepper

    Make a paste by mixing lime seeds with black pepper. It can be one on the good hair fall remedies.

    28. Combination of Cinnamon Powder, Honey and Hot Olive Oil

    Make a paste of cinnamon powder, honey and hot olive oil and apply the mixture for 25 minutes. Wait and see the superb result after few application of this paste.

    29. Mixture of Triphla powder and Aloevera Gel

    Mixture of Triphla powder and Aloevera gel is one of the great Home Remedies for hair fall

    30. Use of Arnica Herb

    Arnica is your answer on How to stop hair fall. Arnica may be a nice herb for preventing hair loss. Apply the paste of arnica leaves frequently on the hair and see the results. It will increase the blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

    31. Rosemary Oil mixed with Almond Oil

    Mix 2 components of rosemary oil and one a part of sweet almond oil and massage often for 15 minutes. It is superb natural home remedy to stop hair loss.

    32. Balanced Diet

    A balanced diet is key on how to grow hair faster. A good approach for preventing hair loss is by regular intake of healthy and balanced diet. A good diet is incredibly essential for hair growth.

    33. Sound Sleep

    Stress and lack of sleep has been a main cause of hair fall. So one of the good tips to control hair fall is Sound Sleep. Always take a correct and sound sleep as sleep disorder can be a major reason for hair loss.

    34. Avoid Stress

    Avoid stress! Don’t think too much about work or any other stuff. Stress is the reason for hair loss in younger age. so avoid stress, practice Meditation on How to stop hair fall.

    35. Use of Finger Tips

    After washing your hairs merely massage your scalp together with your fingertips. This will stop hair loss because it will increase blood circulation.

    36. Drink a lot of Water

    Want to know how to grow hair faster? Drinking a lot of water additionally prevents hair loss. This is further helpful in other health benefits. You should take at-least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

     37. Intake of Capsules

    Taking Vitamin B complex together with iron and Zn capsule will facilitate if hair fall is because of deficiency of above. Biotin is also very helpful for healthy strong hair.

    38. Good Nutrition

    Poor nutrition absorption also can be the reason behind hair loss because of deficiency of nutrients. Therefore continuously concentrate to your digestive system and keep it healthy to stop hair loss & now you know how to grow hair faster.

    39. Intake of Green Vegetables

    Eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits. These are rich in fiber and other essential nutrients are are too good for health.

    40. Use a Right Comb

    Always comb with wide teeth comb to scale back hair fall. Comb with brittle teeth or very narrow teeth increases breakage of hair & hence hair fall.

    41. Avoid use of Chemicals

    Always avoid application of harmful chemicals on your hair. These chemicals cause hair loss and build your hair rough and dry.

    42. Correct way to Comb

    Never comb roughly. Continuously untangle your hair from the tip to upwards on How to stop hair fall.

    43. Application of Onion Paste

    Apply paste of onion on your scalp and massage. This can be a decent home remedy to stop hair loss and conjointly it checks gray hair.

    44. Keeping Your Trimmed

    Try taking a short hair trim every 4-6 weeks as this will avoid split ends. Split ends damage hair which gets prone to hair loss.

    45. Use of Sesame Seeds

    To prevent hair loss and additionally to stop premature greying of hairs eat back sesame seeds daily.

    46. Tea Tree Oil

    Application of Tea tree oil on the scalp is one of the best Home remedies for hair fall.

    47. Mixture of Lettuce Juice and Spinach

    Apply the mixture of spinach juice and lettuce juice on the scalp of the hairs. Witness the gradual decrease in the falling of hairs.

    48. Use of Amla Powder

    Take some amount of amla mixed with water. It will help to cure all the hair problems and thus reduce the falling of hairs.

    49. Intake of Zinc, Vitamin B, and Calcium

    Consider taking a diet that is rich in vitamin B, Calcium and zinc. This will help you to reduce falling of hairs.

    50. Exercise

    Try hitting a gym as well as do some meditation and yoga. These workouts not only increases blood flow to your head that helps in controlling hair fall but also make your health better. This will act as the best tips to control hair fall.

    Most Prominent Benefits of Walking

    After going through the above points, you must now be aware of the various home remedies for hair fall & if you want to know how to grow hair faster. Try applying them, and you could very well witness the magical results. I hope you have liked the article and I have tried my best to make it beneficial. Keep sharing this among your friends, family and about share the awareness.


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