Celebrities and Their Regrets

“Mistakes that Left Our Celebrities with Regrets”

We have all done some stupid things that we may regret today. However, some of these are just bad memories, but some have huge consequences. Just like any other mere mortal, celebrities have their fare share of regrets, and here are just some of them. Here is list of Celebrities and Their Regrets.


#1.George Clooney’s Hero Regret

George Clooney has made his way through Hollywood by starring in the famous NBC drama “ER”. Since he was young and inexperienced in 1997, he engaged into his first big-budget action movie “Batman & Robin”. He played the iconic comic book hero Batman, but he didn’t quite like the role. His costume may have showed off his nipples, but it gave him the opportunity to cooperate with great people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman, Chris O’Donnell and he gained the experience of working on a set with others. Even though he considers this movie to be one of his biggest regrets, he still is one of the most desirable men around the world, with a career behind him that is far from regretful.


#2.Matt Damon’s Ultimatum

Even though the “Bourne” franchise has made over a billion dollars, Matt Damon is known to be against the whole shebang, particularly against the third movie “The Bourne Ultimatum”. He considered the storyline as a “career-ender”, but eventually tried to take back his comments. Since then, he had to explain himself on many occasions and justify his absence from the subsequent film “The Bourne Legacy”. His excuse was his belief that his character and the storyline have run its course.


#3.Kelly Osbourne and Her Tattoos

Her teenage rebellion, drug usage and self-harm phase have left Kelly Osbourne with numerous regretful tattoos, which she decided to remove. And even though lots of her fans judge her and accuse her of being a sellout, she stands strong and justifies herself on her Facebook page. She says that those tattoos were a mistake and that she regrets them the most. Especially those involving ex lovers: “NEVER get a living lovers name or a matching couples tattoo. It is my belief that they are the kiss of death on any relationship. It doesn’t just mess up the relationship you are in when you get your everlasting doomsday ink but future relationships as well”. She says that undergoing tattoo removal procedures will only help her leave the bad memories behind and start fresh.


#4.Benedict Cumberbatch’s Regret

So far the hottest Sherlock Holmes has been secretive about his personal life, but he decided to share his insecurities and regrets with the British paper the Daily Mail. Even though he is one of the most desirable men around the world, what he actually regrets the most is not having any children yet and putting his career first, especially because he is in his late 30s.


#5.Bill Murray May Regret “Garfield”

Bill Murray may have jumped the gun in 2004 when he signed up for the voice behind the infamous cartoon cat Garfield. He had mistaken the real writer with his idol Joel Coen, but he stayed behind the Garfield . Five years later in the movie “Zombieland” he says that Garfield may be his biggest regret, but as we all heard and saw it, he was back as Garfield in 2006. Also, despite having such poor critical reception, “Garfield the Movie” made over 200 million dollars and Bill Murray probably had fun.


#6.Katherine Heigl Regrets Being “Knocked up”

After the movie “Knocked Up” was wrapped, the lead star Heigl had spoken out and said she does not support the movie. She considers the movie to be sexist, because not all women are fun-loving and loveable and she did not like it how the movie portrayed women as uptight. All this made her regret her role, especially since her character was not funny, and she had trouble playing it.


#7.Kanye Regrets Not Having More Nudity in His Video

As we all know in his video Bound 2, his wife and mother of his children Kim Kardashian and himself are starring, but he regrets not showing more skin. For the issue of GQ magazine in 2014 he explains how he wishes he had featured more nudity with his wife.


As you can see, nobody is perfect. Even the biggest stars of Hollywood have their regrets. Some of them are reasonable and yet some of them are inexplicable. If you still have no regrets, learn from the mistakes of your idols. If possible.






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