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    7 Tips to Beat Interview Stress

    Ask anyone when they were too stressed? Definitely most of them would mention their interview for a job. While many try to wear attitude and keep off fears, most fail to hide the stress and nervousness. If you can talk for hours on global warming, or convince your family over the movie to watch, or laugh with your jokes in the kitchen, what stops you from doing things confidently and cracking a joke when you are interviewed? We are here with “7 Tips to Beat Interview Stress”.

    What Causes Interview Stress?

    Whether it’s your first job or you are changing the job for better career prospects, the nervousness in an interview is always there along with the fear, whether you would be able to answer all the questions or not. This nervousness is the prime cause of stress. Thus, it’s important to prepare well, be confident and do not feel nervous in order to cope up with interview stress. Kill the stress, and here are tips to do this in an effective manner. So take a look at 7 Tips to Beat Interview Stress

    Tips to Beat Interview Stress

    1) Rate of Speech should be under Your Control

    Inhale and exhale slowly as you are in your yoga class. This lets you to relax, and stay focused. When you are nervous, or stressed, you can note that your rate of speech is higher. When you don’t want to rush, and prove that you are confident, then practice this slow breathe in and breathe out. Hold the breath until count of three and take in or release. Try this 5 to 6 times, and this is not going to take more than half a minute.

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    2) Hold Yourself Tight

    It’s no wonder you are shaking when you are stressed or nervous. Want to prevent your hands from shaking? Easy, just clench your thigh and back muscles. You would appear and feel confident. Do not worry that someone would find that you are clenching your buttocks and thighs. Your attire would hide these areas perfectly.

    3) Sit and Stand Comfortably

    When you are waiting, stand if you are not comfortable sitting. This can relax your muscles. When you are sitting do not lean too much in the chair. This tightens the throat. So sit straight, which has an additional of showing you confident.

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    4) Don’t Let your Voice Betray You

    Now, having stopped the shaky hands, your focus should be on making yourself sound confident. This is not going to happen, if your voice is shaky. This, is a funny technique and, try this in the restroom, or when no one is around, for it would make you look quirky. Open your throat as much as you can and let your tongue out to the extent you can. Then start telling Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, and complete it. Sounds odd? But this is the best thing you can do.


    5) Hands Implies Honesty

    No, no one is going to read your palms to predict your honesty. But, when you show your hands, or keep it on the table rather than hiding under the table, you will appear more honest.

    6) Be Genuine

    This does not mean that you are dodging someone, but it implies that you should not toot your own horn. Reply to the questions genuinely, and look earnest.

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    7) Pay Attention

    You would be keen to say everything that can boost the chances of your employability. Wait! The other person too should feel important and you need to just listen to make this happen.

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    And finally, be yourself, you need not try to be someone else, for sure the interviewer is very experienced to find it out. Try these 7 Tips to Beat Interview Stress & beat your Interview Stress easily.

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