5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly

Impressing someone may not be easy as it seems to be. Never worry, with little tricks, it may become easier to impress anyone and everyone you meet in your life. Here are 5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly.

    Summer Essentials for Women

    I love Summers 😀 Yes I do! Sunny Long Days, Bright Shiny Day, Shorts & Funky tanks, Cool Mocktails, Cute Accessories with stylish Dresses & lots of sunscreen along with *Yummy Pani-Puri* 😀 Summer essentials can freshen up the mood any time; only if you have the best Summer Essentials for Women in your wardrobe. So here I am providing my favorite list of Summer Essentials for Women which every Girl & Women (irrespective of Age) should have in their wardrobe. So take a look at Top Summer Essentials for Women in India that is a MUST-to-HAVE for all cutie pies :*

    1.Summer Beauty Kit from Debelle Cosmetix

    Go Ooo-La-La this Summer with Summer Beauty Kit from Debelle Cosmetix. This Beauty Kit contains DeBelle Fairness Cream, DeBelle Fairness Talc and DeBelle Nail Polish. DeBelle Fairness Cream provides a radiant Skin Glow and skin Brightening, DeBelle Fairness Talc has unique benefits of Pearl Dust to brighten skin, keep you refreshed all day long while DeBelle Gel Nail Polish is a gel based, high-pigmentation formula which makes the nails to look beautiful and bright .

    Price: 525/- INR

    Buy: Buy this from HERE

    2. Summer Kit from Raw Rituals

    Raw Rituals brings the Perfect Summer Kit for Women to beat the Summer Blues. This kit consists of Green Tea & Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub, Black Magic Face Scrub, Peppermint Lip Butter, Fortifying Ritual Hair Oil and Daily Rejuvenation Bath and Body Oil. From head to toe, this kit contains everything your Beautiful Body Needs during Summers. Black Magic Face Scrub keep your face free of tanning while Green Tea & Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub removes dead skin from body, Peppermint Lip Butter gives you those pouting soft lips while Fortifying Ritual Hair Oil protects your hair from getting frizzy & dry.

    Price: Rs. ⁠⁠⁠2450/- INR

    Buy: Buy this from HERE

    3. Chocolate Delight Collection from Vkare Fuschia

    Who doesn’t love Chocolates? Vkare Fuschia not only provides all girls with their exclusive Chocolate Delight Collection but also takes care of our skin during Summers with this Chocolate Delight Collection. This kit consists of Chocolate Mud Mask, Chocobutter Soap and Chocobutter Lip Balm. Chocolate Mud Mask gives glow to face while Chocobutter Soap nourishes the body keeping it moisturized and Chocobutter Lip Balm is lip smacking & of course keeps lips hydrated & soft 😉

    Price: Rs.875/- (Original Price: 1175/-).

    Buy: Buy this from HERE


    4.Aroma Essentials Summer Essential Kit

    Go organic this summer with Aroma Essentials Summer Essential Kit. This kit consists of Orange Splash Facewash, Carrot Sun Block, Aha Face Mask, Chocolate and Milk Face & Body Scrub and D-Tan Face & Body Mask.. Orange Splash Facewash keeps your face oil free, while Carrot Sun Block protects your face from harmful UV/UB Rays, Aha Face Mask your face a glow that is unmatchable, Chocolate and Milk Face & Body Scrub exfoliates your skin removing dead cells & making it soft and D-Tan Face & Body Mask removes tanning from face & body.

    Price: Rs.1400/- (Original Price: 1800/-).

    Buy: Buy this from HERE

    5.Summer Kit from NUSKĀA:

    Summer Kit from NUSKĀA gives you all what your skin & hair needs. This kit consists of Anti-Tanning Pack, Aloe Vera Gel & Neem Hair Treatment Pack. Anti-Tanning Pack keeps tanning away, Aloe Vera Gel keeps Acne away & makes skin soft while Neem Hair Treatment Pack keeps Hair Healthy & controls Excess Hair Fall.

    Price: Rs. 900/-

    Buy: Buy this from HERE

    6.Skin Dr London HEALTHY SKIN COMBO

    Made of Bioactive Ingredients and Free from Harmful Chemicals, Skin Dr London HEALTHY SKIN COMBO is an Ideal Skin care Combo for Summer. This combo consists of DAILY FACEWASH, DAILY SOAP, DAILY MOSITURIZER & NUTRA SKIN. DAILY FACEWASH keeps Tanning & Acne Away, while DAILY SOAP keeps skin soft & hydrated, DAILY MOSITURIZER gives soft, smooth & moisturized while NUTRA SKIN prevents Premature Ageing that happens due to sun exposure

    Price: Rs. 1199/- (Original Price: 1240/-).

    Buy: Buy this from HERE

    7.Neemli Summer Kit

    Summer Kit from Neemli comes with Lavender Exfoliant Soap and coconut lip balm. Neemli Lavender Exfoliant Soap treats skin irritation, acne and ringworm rashes, reduces wrinkles and also acts as a natural deodorant while coconut lip balm keeps lips soft & smooth.

    Price: Rs. 550/-

    Buy: Buy this from HERE

    Let us know how much you liked our Top Summer Essentials for Women. Leave your comments below, I would love to read 🙂

    Till then Lots of Love :*

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