5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly

Impressing someone may not be easy as it seems to be. Never worry, with little tricks, it may become easier to impress anyone and everyone you meet in your life. Here are 5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly.

    Interview with Mr. Ridhay Raman Khanna (CEO of H.H. Global Sources)

    H.H. Global Sources is one of the leading company in the dry fruits and spice industry. Founded by the 4th Generation Managing Director Grandson of Shri. Rajinder Kumar Khanna and son of Mr. Ravi Khanna in the year 2010, Mr. Ridhay Raman Khanna’s H.H. Global Sources has set a benchmark when it comes to delivering high quality products and meeting customer expectations. Here’s a quick interview with Mr. Ridhay Raman Khanna, CEO of H.H. Global Sources and also the grandson of Doctor of Dry Fruits Shri. Rajinder Kumar Khanna.

    Interviewer:  So, how does it feel to have your company (H.H. Global Sources) receiving all these applause and recognition?

    Ridhay: Great. I mean could not have asked for a better thing. This company is everything for me as it represents the hard work and achievements of my family of the past 4 generations. They have all went through everything to build this empire and I can only be grateful to have not let them down.

    Mr. Ridhay Raman Khanna (CEO of H.H. Global Sources)

    Interviewer: If you have to choose one word to define the reason for this success what it would be?

    Ridhay: Vision!!!

    The vision of my grandfather Shri. Rajinder Kumar Khanna for which he was bestowed with the title of honorary “Doctor of Dry Fruits.” After all, it is widely known that he is known more by his nickname, i.e Doctor Sahaab, than his original name because of his excellent knack of figuring out the exact selling prices of the dry fruits from his young age which turned out to be a key point in helping him build his first company Ramchandra Rajinder Khanna & Co. and everything that came after it successfully.

    Shri. Rajinder Kumar Khanna, 3rd from left

    Interviewer: What role he had played in your success?

    Ridhay: The biggest possible role I would say. I have seen him working closely than most and honestly, have learned the most from him than anywhere else. He is an institution in himself in my opinion and also my role model.

    Shri. Rajinder Kumar Khanna with his grandson Mr. Ridhay Raman Khanna

    Interviewer: Do you still ask for suggestions from the Doctor of Dry Fruits?

    Ridhay: Definitely. He is like the ocean of knowledge and experience from which you can always learn more. I am lucky he is my grandfather.

    Interviewer: Do you want to expand H.H. Global Sources?

    Ridhay: Of course, I do. If you have noticed then other than the dry fruits and spices sector, H.H. Global Sources has also stepped into handicraft exports, self-packing facilities, and warehousing sectors as well and fortunately, we have been doing good there as well.

    Mr. Ridhay Raman Khanna, CEO of H.H. Global Sources, (right)

    Interviewer: How much does the customers matters to H.H. Global Sources?

    Ridhay: A lot. You see we are still in the business because of them. They are the company’s top most priority. Moreover, we like to see them as our extended family. So, keeping them happy is something we take very seriously.

    Interviewer: How do you aim to keep them (Clients & customers) happy?

    Ridhay: I think it is quite simple. Just keep on delivering on the expected lines, for it will keep them satisfied and as long as they are satisfied they will be happy and their happiness is our happiness.

    Interviewer: Are there any other plans you have for the company?

    Ridhay: I have several plans lined up but I don’t want to rush into making things. Things will happen steadily and organically. Even my grandfather always tells us to do business that one can control and handle it without any loans. Moreover, it is more important to sustain and earn respect in your trade than to boast of big numbers to show off. And for me to be able to pass this company to my children in the future will be my biggest achievement.

    Hand picked pista jumbo size called the Lipstick

    Mr. Khanna had to urgently leave for an important meeting and so winded up on a smiling note. H.H. Global Sources is hopeful of continuing to deliver high quality products and keeping their customers happy while also raising the bar higher and higher to stand out of the competition which has been growing vast in the last few years. If you wish to contact H.H. Global Sources or want to know more about them, you can visit their website www.hhglobalsources.in or through their social media Instagram, Facebook

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