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    7 Hair Loss Myths and Facts – Part1

    “‘Hair Loss” Aren’t these 2 words Scarier than a Horror Movie?

    Well Hair Loss is a common problem that every person faces at one point. Some amount of hair fall is normal & happens to everyone. In fact, as per doctors, losing around 50-100 hairs a day is quite normal but if your hair fall exceeds the normal amount & you are able to see the receding hairline & bald patches then it is the time to visit your dermatologist.

    There can be several reasons for having huge hair fall & for years, people have believed in old wives’ tales regarding hair loss, baldness & hair growth. Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Head of Dermatology Department HCG Hospital, says he has heard numerous myths- blaming hats or even testosterones to getting baldness from mother side and even myths of magical oils that can make dead follicles grow back into beautiful healthy hair. So today we focus on demystifying such common Hair Falls Myths that our society has been carrying around for decades while revealing true facts for the same. Here are 7 Hair Loss Myths and Facts by Dermatologist & Cosmetologist Dr. Kuldeep Singh Rohria.

    Myth1:You will Never Face Hair Loss if Your Parents have/had Good Hair

    Fact: You cannot Predict Hair Loss; in fact No One Can! Just because your immediate family tree is having good hair, doesn’t mean you will never have to face Hair Loss problems. Hair Loss is Polygenetic that means your (hair) fate is decided by assortment of genes from your immediate as well as extended relatives. Moreover if Hair Loss generally runs into your family then you are more likely to face it.

    Doctor’s Advice: If You start observing hair fall more than regular, time to see your dermatologist.

    Myth2:Females cannot have Baldness

    Fact: Balding is often associated with “Men’s Problem”, but the fact is even females can suffer from baldness. As per stats, around 40% women suffer from significant thinning of hair through their lifetime. This is termed as FPHL, Female Pattern Hair Loss, and usually leads to progressive thinning of hair in females on their crown area.

    Doctor’s Advice: If you are a female suffering from excessive thinning of hair, especially crown area, start effective treatments as early as possible since Female Pattern Hair Loss is progressive.

    Myth3:Smoothening, Rebonding, Perming & Other Chemical Treatments can cause Baldness

    Fact: Good news for all the girls out there, yes Chemical Treatments like Smoothening, Rebonding, and Perming don’t lead to baldness which is a common myth Grannies, Mommies & Aunties use to scare us out. These Chemical Hair Treatments affect the Quality of hair not Quantity. But overdose of these can lead to breakage of hair shaft resulting in huge amount of hair loss. The good thing is this process is temporary & hence those broken hair will grow back over a period of time.

    Doctor’s Advice: “Go slow with Chemical Hair Treatments & try to keep a minimum gap of 3-4 months between 2 sessions. Also try to make use of Good Quality Products & that too done by an expert”, as suggested by Dr. Kuldeep Singh.


    Myth4:Shaving Your Scalp &/ Cutting Your Hair will make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

    Fact: Hair shaft is basically a dead tissue. Hence shaving or cutting won’t make any alteration in its growth by any means. Hair grows from roots which are inside human skin. The only reason hair usually feels thicker after a trim is due to the fact that hair is thicker at base.

    Doctor’s Advice: A regular trimming for hair edges every 4-6 weeks is suggested by Dr. Kuldeep Singh. This will also help you get rid of split ends (if any).

    Myth5:Dead Follicles can be Grown Back to New Healthy Hair

    Fact: This is one myth over which companies offering Magical Oils, Potions & Medicines have been surviving on but the fact is once a hair follicle is dead it will be replaced with fibrous tissue & then No Magical Oil, Potion or any Medical Therapy can bring it back to Life. Laser therapy, medications & treatments can only help live hair follicles to grow healthier and thicker.

    Doctor’s Advice: Oncehair follicle is dead, the only option for re-growth is Hair Transplant. Don’t get fooled by so called Magical Oils, Potions & Medicines claiming to relive/revive your dead follicles & start your treatment under a Dermatologist/trichologist before it gets too late.


    Myth6:Washing Hair Too Much Cause Hair Loss

    Fact: “You need not fear your Shampoo as you are just cleansing your scalp with it which is actually a Good Thing. Shampoo has nothing to do with your Hair Loss as it will not affect your Roots,” Dr. Kuldeep Singh says. As far as those strands which you see on shower floor are concerned, they are just hairs which are coming to the end of their natural cycle. Hereditary baldness is never due to excess hair falling out but due to normal hair gradually being replaced by thinner & finer hair over the course of time.

    Doctor’s Advice: Wash your Hair with a mild Shampoo daily or on alternate days to keep your scalp clean.

    Myth7:Wearing a Hat &/ Helmet will make You Go Bald

    Fact: Yes, this is one of the most common myth associated with Hair Loss but the fact is wearing hats &/ helmets have nothing to do with your receding hairline &/ those bald patches you have been observing. In fact, by that rule wearing tight under garments should get rid of pubic hair. Normally people accuse hats &helmets of preventing scalp from breathing but in actual hair follicles get their oxygen from blood stream not from air. But it is also important to mention here that wearing hats &/ helmets on wet hair can lead to dandruff as well as irritation on scalp.

    Doctor’s Advice: Let the hair get entirely dry before wearing those fashionable hats.

    Bonus Myth:There is NO Treatment for Balding

    Fact: A huge Myth running about Hair Loss since ages that once ‘You start getting Bald there is No Going Back’ but Not Anymore. Medical Science has seen so much advancement that we no longer have to live with baldness. Yes, don’t expect a Miracle Cure but there are surely good amount of government approved medical drugs, treatments, laser therapies & procedures like hair transplant that can cure Baldness.

    Doctor’s Advice: Visit Your Dermatologist to decide What Treatment works Best for You.

    Accept the Facts & Leave the Myths behind. Let us know how much you like our 7 Hair Loss Myths and Facts.


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