Best Anti-Aging Foods for Younger Glowing Skin

“How to Acquire a Healthy and Gorgeous Skin Complexion with Healthy Food”

Do you know the secret to healthy and glowing skin? Well, you may be relying on the chemical based cosmetics, but healthy skin is all about eating right and exercising right. A healthy diet can only pave the way for a glowing and shiny skin complexion. Certain foods are established as the anti-aging foods. So if you are worried How to Acquire a Healthy and Gorgeous Skin Complexion with Healthy Food then here we provide Best Anti-Aging Foods for Younger Glowing Skin.

1.Blueberries and the Glowing Skin

The low-profile blueberry is one of the best antioxidant and it is a highly effective element element which is capable of protecting one from premature aging and skin dullness. By adding a half cup of blueberries to the yogurt and consuming daily, you can get a beautiful and wrinkle free skin.

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2.Green and Leafy Vegetable

Spinach is a type of leafy vegetable that may restore the youthful look and glowing complexion. Being rich in antioxidants and nutrients, spinach is the amazing source of vitamins like vitamin E, B and C. You may substitute lettuce for spinach and enjoy the healthy salad.

3.A Rich Source of Omega 3: Wild Solomon

Wild Solomon is the best source of omega 3. It keeps the skin supple, moisturized and vibrant. Being rich in selenium, the food protects the skin from the rays of the sun. It has other benefits as well. The presence of Vitamin D protects the teeth and bones and keeps them healthy. You may try this beauty food as grilled, in the pasta or in the sushi.

4.A Source of Lycopene: Tomatoes

It is delighting to know that even the most basic kitchen ingredient like tomato makes the skin glowing and shimmery. It is the best source of lycopene which is a sort of antioxidant. The presence of the element gets easily absorbed by the skin when processed or cooked.

5.The Rich Aphrodisiac: Oyster

People still wish to know whether oyster is a rich aphrodisiac or not. Being a rich source of zinc, oyster helps in the skin repair and renewal. The element of zinc keeps the nails, hair and the eyes healthy.

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6.Walnuts for Smooth Skin

Walnuts can be eaten on regular basis to acquire the healthy hair, beautiful skin, strong bones, brighter eyes and the best part is that it reduces cholesterol as well. Simply eat a small quantity of walnuts daily to get the required dose of Vitamin E and Omega 3. You can add some to the salad also.

7.Yogurt for Healthy Nails and Eyes

One cup of fat free yogurt can supply the body with the adequate quantity of calcium to keep the nails, hair and the bones strong. You can mix it up with granola and fruits to get the added benefits.

8.Love those Chocolates?

It is surprising to know that the most favourite dark chocolate can enhance the skin complexion. To keep the skin hydrated, beautiful and protect it from the harmful elements, it is fabulous to consume the dark chocolate. It is rich in flavanol and does not cause acne.

All these beauty foods are not just good for the skin, but for your health as well. Thus, start incorporating these in your diet to get a healthy wrinkle free skin and an abundance of good health.

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