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    Rohit Bahri, Photographer with Magical Touch launching Affordable Photography PRO Tutorials

    “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”

    The people who make up today’s booming Photography Community are our eyes to the world. They inspire us, amaze us and they put our world in the broader context of history.  Rohit Bahri, the Photographer with Magical Touch is launching a new series of ‘Affordable Photography PRO Tutorials’.

    Rohit Bahri is a professional photographer specializing in Wedding, Pre-wedding, Fashion & commercial shoots under his company ProCineHub. From 15th Aug, Rohit is launching a new series of “Affordable Photography PRO Tutorials” where he will be teaching the young enthusiast on how to do photography like a PRO through affordable methods and their own mobiles, no matter it’s a luxury iPhone or a simple below 10k budget Android mobile.

    Rohit who learnt Fashion Photography from Praveen Bhatt Photography, leading Bollywood Fashion Photographer, learnt in-depth Wild Life Photography techniques from Mr. Chandrakanth Kamath and attended Wildlife photography workshop organized by Nikon School India. Being in limelight for 7 years, so how does he keep himself inspired? Rohit replied, “the love for capturing moments in images keeps me motivated. The Art of saving a lovely moment forever is what gives me passion on daily basis”.

    On asking what motivated him to start such a nice imitative, Rohit replied, “I remember two years back while I was a guest speaker at a seminar held by CT institute, I meat many students who were fans of my work & I talked to a student who was so deeply passionate for photography and capturing moments but wasn’t able to afford a good camera or high-end smartphone. That particular moment it struck my heart that I have to do something over this problem because talent & passion can never be replaced by money. So I started brain storming on here we are today.”

    “I want to create a channel where talent wins over money bars, where your passion and enthusiasm is enough for you to click PRO photographs and capture those moments instead of need of high-end costly equipment. After all your passion and hard work drives your success. And rest for the techniques, I am there to teach tricks and hacks via my Affordable Photography PRO Tutorials,” Rohit mentioned.

    Over the years, Rohit came forward as Mentor & Inspiration for Young Enthusiasts & new generation of Photographers & Multimedia experts. CT University organized workshop cum extension lecture & invited Rohit as a Motivational Speaker on World Photography Day. Rohit did a Workshop free of cost on Photography Advance Lighting held by Lovely Professional University. “I love to share my life experiences with young enthusiasts of photography. When I see the spark in their eyes while learning new things, it gives me ultimate happiness and satisfaction of my career. I wish to do more for them teaching and guiding them as much as possible”, Rohit added.

    Rohit is also associated with Lumix as Camera features explainer. In 2018, Rohit was Mentor & Chief Guest as Food Photography Workshop help by E-magazine Style and Geek in Gujarat. In 2019, Rohit was guest of honour at Photography workshop in Dream Zone, Pathankot. MAAC Institute invited Rohit as Guest of Honour for Basics to Advance Photography Lectures. So when asked how does he handle all this fame & title of “Photographer with Magical Touch” Rohit added, “I don’t even think about it. I am from a humble middle-class family & have been taught humbleness ever since I was a kid. In fact my grandpa always used to say, focussing on stars while keeping your feet on ground should be the motto of your life”.

    Along with his Magical touch title and being a mentor to new generation, Rohit is also an passionate contributor to Animal Welfare. Being a big-time animal lover, he is Vice President of an NGO, Raahat for Stray Animals (relief for stray animals) where they work hard to feed, treat & vaccinate stray animals at national level. Rohit himself has adopted an Indian mix breed who was abandoned as a kid. Talking about his passion for animal welfare Rohit says, “I believe in one mantra – Who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul. If I could, I will adopt all stray animals of the world and keep them with me forever. I request to everyone to adopt one stray animal & feed them daily & no animal will die of hunger. We all should unite together to take care of animals as they have equal right on earth as we have.”

    On his upcoming venture, Rohit said he is very excited for the launch and is hoping to help young enthusiasts around the world to help with their dreams & passion of being able to click PRO & unique photographs with their smartphones only that too without spending hefty amount on high-end equipment. We wish Rohit good luck for his new venture.

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