Why have an Eyelash Transplant?

“Why You Need Eyelash Transplant?”

Eyelashes are essential contributors to how the face of an individual appears. Individuals attach much value to their appearance such that lack of hair on their eyebrow could be a real concern that can cause them to have low self-esteem. Thinking Why have an eyelash transplant? Eyelash Hair transplant can be required for some reasons, some of which include:

–Medical Treatments – Some of the medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy have negative impacts on the growth of hair on an individual’s body. Some of them damage hair follicle is leading to a situation where an individual experiences slow hair growth or no growth at all.

–Physical Trauma – There are physical conditions that may lead to a lack of hair on an individual’s eyelashes such as chemical burns, industrial or road accidents among others. A person might be willing to replace such hair through eyelash transplants. Other situations demand eyelash transplant such as aging and absence of hair on all parts of the body.

Eyelash Transplant

This is a type of cosmetic surgery that enables individuals to replace or plan new hair on their eyebrow region. Some of the justifications that explain why an individual may require this surgery has already been highlighted above. The process is organized such that the donor’s hair is removed from a different part of the body, mostly behind the head or on the pubic area. The two regions are highly preferred because they have soft skin and soft hair that can be identical to that on the eyelashes.

The hair from the back of the head or the pubic region is placed in the eye rid to replace or fill the open spots on the eyelashes. The procedure mostly involves adding a minimum fifty and maximum one hundred hairs depending on factors such as density and the preferences of an individual. The hair is usually cleaned and removed all the oily parts that originate from the donor part. Later, the hairs are attached to the patient through delicate threading into the eyelids. This process should be so specialized and accurate to ensure that the new hairs continue to grow at the same rate as the hairs that were existing before the new grafted hairs have been brought.

Eyelash Transplant Process

The first procedure involves using a local anesthetic injection to the areas where the hair will be sourced, mostly the back of the head or pubic region, to make them numb so that one does not experience any pain. When the scalp is removed, the open area has to be shut using stitches, and the necessary medication applied. This prevents the likelihood of disease developing from the area after removing the scalp and leaving it open. The scalp removed should be about two inches by less than inch.

The scalp is later given to hair removal and cleaning technician who separates the healthy hair tissue into an individual hair follicular grafts. Later, a unique curved needle is used in implanting every single hair into the upper eyelid by a specialized doctor who has the necessary training and experience to perform this procedure without mistakes. Due to the numbness induced by the local anesthetic, no pain is experienced despite the procedure taking between two and three hours.

It is expected that the eyebrows will be swollen for a few days which can quickly go to a week. It is also expected that the new grafts will fall after one to three weeks with regrowth expected immediately. However, maximum growth of the hair with a higher density will materialize from three to six months. Individuals who have undergone this operation are expected to trim their hair short once they have overgrown.

Maintenance of the New Eyelashes

After the eyelashes have been transplanted and the regrowth is being witnessed, critical care and maintenance should be undertaken. The transplanted hair comes from the head and the pubic area, and they are expected to grow as they would have done when in their original location. They will, therefore, need to be trimmed regularly to prevent overgrown hairs. Additionally, they will need to be curled by a profession so that they can blend and be similar to the existing and original natural eyelashes.

Nothing is annoying as having uneven eyelashes as this would attract negative attention, which might not be comfortable with you. If a person lacks the necessary maintenance skills and knowledge, it should be wise to seek the services of a doctor, especially the one who conducted the transplants as he or she has the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain the new eyelashes in a professional method.

Benefits of Eyelash Transplant

Eyelashes are critical facial features that enhance your look and general appearance. If you do not have enough hair or accident has damaged your hair, eyelash transplant will restore you to your former glory. Additionally, eyelash transplant is a safe procedure, if handled by a professional and experienced doctor, which you should not fear to undertake. It will give you a natural looking eyelashes that will be permanent for the rest of your life unless another problem faces you. It is a painless procedure that many have undergone, and the results they are currently witnessing are breathtaking.

In Need of Eyelash Treatment? 

If you are facing challenges finding an experienced and professional doctor, Dr. Epstein has been certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology. Additionally, he is recognized by the American College of Surgeons among the above board is a clear indication of his expertise and knowledge in handling surgeries in this area.

If you need eyelash transplant in Miami, Florida, and New York City, New York, Dr. Epstein stands as the best candidate who will offer you personalized treatment and restore your lost hair through a painless procedure. His vast experience, about ten years, performing three to four eyelash transplants means that you will be on the safest hands possible. For more information, you can contact Dr. Epstein here: www.eyebrowtransplantation.com

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