Who are Orthodontists and What does an Orthodontist do?

Orthodontists are known as dental specialists, who take care of teeth and gives the best treatment of dental to help correctly align teeth, bites, and jaws and also it helps to straighten the teeth. An orthodontist is similar to dentists they both work for to treat best to our teeth but in a different way. A dentist treats problems in common diseases which affect in our teeth, mouth, and gums but orthodontists treat problems like straightening teeth, and to correct the improper bites and jaw in a proper way. An orthodontist is expert in orthodontic treatments which will help your crooked teeth to manage in a proper way and also it will help in facial growth. If your teeth are crooked and making trouble while biting then orthodontists the dental specialist will the best for you to treat your teeth. Keep your teeth healthy and give the best look to your teeth by treating it from the orthodontist’s dental specialist.

Duties of Orthodontists

An orthodontist is the dental specialists whose work is to improve the crooked teeth to bring it into the right place. As an Orthodontist, they must take care of the patient’s teeth to keep them healthy and beautiful by straightening the teeth. Orthodontist’s duty is to check out the problems of the patient’s teeth by using X-rays or plastic molds. To bring the crooked teeth in the right place orthodontist’s duties will be to use dental appliances like braces, retainers and space maintainer to make the crooked teeth straight by providing better functions. We have discussed the duties of Orthodontist now let’s see how orthodontist does the work with braces and more.

With What do Orthodontists Work?

An orthodontist is a dental specialist we all know but with what they work to make our teeth healthy and beautiful let’s discuss it here in this article. They use a different kind of services to know it see the post given below:

Here is the list of service that orthodontist provides:

–Braces – Braces is one of the services that Orthodontist provides. It is one of the main service that consists brackets, wires and bands which helps to make the teeth tightened continually and also helps the teeth to make straight. They use braces for patients who have problems in overbites, underbites, gapped teeth to fix them.

–Space Maintainer – Space maintainer is the service that helps to fill the space. It works with a band which remains attached to one tooth and a wire that helps to extend the other side of the tooth of the missing gap for to help in stretching and to keeps it open.

–Aligners – It helps to straighten the align teeth like braces. It is used for those who have problems in overbites, cross bites or crowding etc. It is made up of plastic material.

–Jaw Repositioning Appliances – It is known as splints that are used to move the upper and the lower jaw in order to close more naturally. This appliance is used for the patients who have the joint

–Lip and cheek bumpers – It is the service that will help to keep your lips and cheeks away from the teeth and will reduce the pressure, pain that you are bearing.

–Palatal Expander – It is another service that is used by the orthodontist to widen the curve of the upper jaw. It is made up of plastic trays which will easily fit the roof of the mouth. And the screw will help to push the bones and joints in the mouth.

–Removable Retainers – This Retainer is used by an orthodontist who will help your teeth to shift back in original place. This retainer is shaped like a plate that is used to place on the roof of the mouth.

–Headgear – It is another service that Orthodontist use for those patients who need to slow the jaw in growth. It is a strap that placed at the back of the head and it is attached to a metal wire in front of the mouth. This helps in slowing the growth of jaws to keep in the right place and beautifully fit with the jaws.

These are the services that orthodontist uses while their work. Hope you gathered enough knowledge of the service.

Final words

An orthodontist is a dental specialist that takes care of our teeth. It helps our teeth to make straight, to slow our jaw to grow and much more with the help of services. So if you are having problems with your crooked teeth or any jaws problems then consult with an orthodontist.