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    What’s Going on Between Alia and Ranbir? Know The Real Truth

    Alia and Ranbir have been able to attract public attention, the reason being their love affair or their upcoming film Brahmastra. Recently, a picture of these two love bird went viral from the sets of Brahmastra in which Alia seems sad and lost in her own thoughts while Ranbir was busy using his phone ignoring her. After the picture went viral many of their fans believed that they both had a love quarrel and rumors about them breaking up with each other start to spread like fire. Find out with us “What’s Going on Between Alia and Ranbir? Know The Real Truth”

    Ranbir Kapoor has been in relationship with other heroine which didn’t tend to work out and he broke up with them. He is also known as the play boy of the industry. Currently he is dating Alia Bhatt but with the sad picture of Alia with Ranbir going viral it’s look like he did hurt Alia too. You may also like 10 Facts About the Female Body Very Few People Know

    Find Out with us What Alia Has to Say About it?

    Speaking to DNA when Alia was asked about the picture she said- “Anybody who looks at my face tells me, ‘Alia, why are you looking so sad? Please cheer up’. I tend to zone out a lot. But only a few people will know that this is my usual face when I’m focused or thinking about something. So, I just can’t believe that my frown has become a sensation and a new story is being cooked up every day about how I’m sad. It’s not true.”

    She further added that – “I don’t find the need to clarify it because in my heart, if I know what the truth is, nothing else really matters.” You may also like 3 Best Tips to a Healthy Online Relationship

    Now, this is good news for the fans of Alia and Ranbir as they both are doing perfectly fine and Alia is not sad because of Ranbir as she mentioned in her above statement with DNA. Also, both the love bird slams the rumor about them breaking up by posting a picture together celebrating Valentine’s Day together. Also, share your views with us on “What’s going on between Alia and Ranbir? Know the real truth”

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