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    Tips to Stop Hair Fall for Men

    Hair Fall is a common problem, and every 3/4 people face this issue. There can be many reasons for hair fall such as genetics, stress, poor diet, mineral deficiency, etc. However, men also facing face because of putting up the helmet or a cap. But, the question is we can’t avoid wearing a helmet or cap so how do we stop the hair fall? Well, you don’t have to worry because we are here with “Tips to Stop Hair Fall for Men”.

    #1. Hair Wash

    Usually, men avoid washing their hair very frequently. However, washing your hair regular on a gap of 3 days is a must. The dirty scalp is one of the main reason of hair fall. So, do wash your hair on a regular basis using a mild shampoo. This will keep your scalp clean and also help you to avoid issues such as dandruff and scalp infection.

    #2. Vitamins

    Vitamins are not only good for the overall health of the body but also for your hair. Vitamin E helps you to improve blood circulation to the scalp, Vitamin A promotes the production of sebum and Vitamin B helps you to maintain hair color. Having a better circulation to scalp and production of healthy sebum helps to make hair follicles strong which prevents hair fall.

    #3. Diet

    What you eat affects your health, it includes your hair health too. Your hair needs protein in order to stay healthy. Consume food items like fish, soy, lean meats, seeds and nuts, dairy products, and protein items. Protein improves hair health and also control hair loss. You may also like 5 Sanskaari Things You Need in Your Life to replace Un-Sanskaari Things

    #4. Don’t Brush Wet Hair

    Many people comb their hair even if they are wet. But, what they don’t know is that when hair is wet they become weak. And when we brush wet hair the chances of hair fall increases. One should avoid brushing wet hair however, if someone has to go out they can use a wide-toothed brush or comb.

    #5. Home Remedy

    Never underestimate the power of home remedies. They can do wonders. Extract the juice of garlic, ginger or onion. Apply the extracted juice on your scalp and leave it overnight. Next morning rinse your hair. Do it for a week to notice the desirable results. You may also like DIY Green Tea Oily Hair Mask

    #6. Keep Yourself Hydrated

    Not only your body but your hair also requires water. Many of you might not know this but the hair shaft contains one-quarter water. So, in order to provide your hair shaft water, you should consume at least 8 cups of water to keep yourself hydrated and to promote healthy hair growth.

    #7. Stress

    Nowadays 8/10 people are dealing with stress. And stress is one of the main cause of hair fall. If you really want to stop the hair fall, you need to distress your body. You can do it by a number of ways such as- by doing meditation, yoga, exercise, or doing the activity that makes your mind relax.

    #8. Avoid Chemicals

    Men make use of Gel and other chemicals in order to set their hair. Using these chemicals definitely, help you with your desired look but they have their own side-effects too. Regular use of chemicals leads to hair fall. So, if you want to get rid of hair fall problem you must stop using these chemical products. Also, avoid constant heating and styling. Constant heating also damaged your hair a lot and leads to many hair problems.

    #9. Smoking

    We understand you smoke to release your stress. But, you have to understand that smoking is doing you no good. It not only Detroit your health but also reduce the flow of blood circulation to the scalp. And lesser blood circulation means weaken hair follicle which will ultimately lead to hair fall or hair loss. You may also like Can Coffee Increase Your Metabolism and Help You Burn Fat

    #10. How to Dry your Hair

    How you dry your hair? Rub your hair with a towel to make them dry. However, this is the wrong way to dry your hair and another reason for hair fall. When our hairs are wet they are in a weak state and when we rub our hair to make them dry it leads to hair fall. Instead, pat dry your hair to soak water and then allow them to dry naturally. Also, avoid using dryer to make your hair dry.

    These were “Tips to Stop Hair Fall for Men”. If you are also facing the hair fall issue do follow these steps and share with us how these ways helped you to solve your hair fall problem. If you use any other way to control hair fall issue do share with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share your views about “Tips to Stop Hair Fall for Men”.

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