Signs of Irregular Periods

Irregular Period doesn’t only mean periods being delayed or coming early. There’s a period where it’s very normal to get an irregular period. Like when you get your period for the very first time or when you are at a stage of menopause. But, do you know when should you consider irregular periods as a problem? If you are having a normal cycle and suddenly you notice an irregularity in your cycle. That’s when you need to look out for the reason why suddenly your period got irregular. So, how would you know that your periods are irregular? You don’t have to worry much. Just check out with us “Signs of Irregular Periods”.

#1. Foul Smell

If you notice any foul smell emitting from your vaginal area, it may be because of an increase in bacterial reproduction. This means that you may be suffering from vaginal infection. And you should immediately seek some medical help. Vaginal infections are one of the reasons that are responsible for irregular periods. And it can also lead to other complicated diseases. So, it better to seek medical help if you notice any foul smell.

#2.  Very Early Or Highly Delayed Periods

A normal menstrual or period cycle is between 21 days to 35 days. But, that’s only normal when you get periods on the gap of an exact number of days. Just to explain in simple words, if your cycle is of 28 day’s, so next time you get your period will be exactly after 28 days. If you have 28 days cycle but, your next period comes after a gap of 21 days that is too early or after a gap of 35 days, which is highly delayed. Then you are facing an issue of irregular periods.

#3. Increased/Decreased Number Of Days Of Periods

Another sign of irregular periods is the number of days you are having them. Usually, periods last between 3 to 8 days, if we take the average usually they last 5 days for most of us. But, just in case your periods end before 3 days or last more than a week. You might be suffering from irregular periods. You may also like 7 HOME REMEDIES TO BEAT PAIN DURING YOUR PERIODS

#4. Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

And, the last sign of irregular periods is experiencing excessive bleeding or more than usual bleeding. Though being a woman we know, what amount of bleeding you can count normal. But, you feel you are bleeding heavily, make sure you seek medical help. If you feel the need to change your tampon or pads every hour, it is a sign of irregular periods.

Bonus Point- Other Signs of Irregular Periods

1- If you are missing your periods for three months straight in a row.

2- Drastic mood swings

3- Feeling nausea and excessive pain during your periods

4- Bleeding or Spotting in between of your periods. You may also like HOW TO BUY BEST SUNSCREEN FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE

These were “Signs of Irregular Periods”. If you notice any of these sign make sure you consult a doctor and seek medical help as soon as possible. There can be many reasons for irregular periods such as hormonal imbalance, PCOS, regular stress, regular use of contraceptive pills, etc. But, if you notice any sign of irregular period we would suggest you, consult a doctor as soon as possible and figure out the exact reason for your problem. Also, do share your views with us regarding “Signs of Irregular Periods”.

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