5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly

Impressing someone may not be easy as it seems to be. Never worry, with little tricks, it may become easier to impress anyone and everyone you meet in your life. Here are 5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly.

    Shopping Experience with Online Store: Bombay Threads

    Hello my lovely ladies

    Hope everyone is doing great & this festive season is keeping everyone busy yet buzzing Let’s admit it; we ladies love to shop & when it comes to handbags, we can never have enough of them. From classic handbags to elegant clutches to causal sling bags to cool pouches & wallets, we can simply NEVER have enough of them. In my quest to look for something Unique & Out of the Box, I found an online store that claims to design their own bags & get it delivered to us with utmost quality assurance- Bombay Threads Sounds interesting hun?

    So my inner craving to try this store starts getting strong & of course I had to try them out. I checked their Instagram store & what a collection they are having. At first I was like I need all of them but then after grooving over entire collection for like an hour, I decided to buy something for all the looks we girls try from time to time- from those days when we just want to be a typical Girlie Girl to days when we are into some rough & tough Tom Boy mood to those days when we are actually Normal*ehm ehm* I mean casual…!!! So join my journey while we decode my shopping experience with this online store from Bombay: “Bombay Threads”. I got 1 sling bag, 1 clutch cum sling & 1 cool casual pouch:


    About Bombay Threads:

    Bombay Threads is Mumbai based Online Store run by Dinkel Doshi & Mihir Mistry. While Dinkel is a professional expert in Accessory Designing, Mihir is born with a sprint of Business & Marketing. They blend their creativity with inventiveness & resourcefulness to come up with unique designs of tote bags, sling bags, handbags, laptop bags, bag packs, office bags etc for both men & women.


    What Bombay Threads Claims:

    Bombay Threads focuses on top notch quality designs that best suits young generation with only 1 motto: To Serve Excellence only!

    My Shopping Experience with Bombay Threads:

    When the packaging came, I was like “Oh My God! It’s Sooo Cute”. The packaging was very nice & clean which I liked the most. This augmented my curiosity to open up the packaging & check products.


    See how cute the packing is, done so beautifully. I love it when people businesses pay attention towards every small thing making the buyer feel important. Full marks on packaging for sure!!! They gave 1 Bombay Thread theme diary complimentary along with 1 Thank You card. How sweet na?

    So the 1st product is Butterfly Box Clutch Sling and is a very bright girlie pink sling with cute butterfly.


    I loved it in the very moment I saw it. It is so girlish & cute.


    This is a clutch cum cling bag so it is perfect if you are going out with friends. This is big enough to carry your money, lip gloss, tissues & even your pepper spray (always carry it girls) yet comfy enough to be carried in your cute hands easily.


    Style Tip: You can carry it as a clutch on a date night & style it with a sexy black single dress to get that gorgeous yet cute look. Also it is perfect for party night with friends& carry it sling then.

    Next one is Postman Sling Bag. It’s a very beautiful Neon Pink Black Sling Bag.


    It is very soft velvety in touch. One thing I really liked in it is its space. I usually like to carry sling bags as with these my hands get free from carrying bag & since it is quite very spacious, I can carry my stuff in it easily.


    I was skeptical about quality but I will admit quality of the bag is nice & this will last long for sure.

    Style Tip: This bag is perfect for office/college and also for hangouts with your friends. This is a perfect Daily base usage bag and you won’t get disappointed with it.

    3rd product is a stud pouch which is very casual yet elegant pouch.


    I wanted to try such pouches since so long & that’s why I get this.


    This is perfect for a causal hang out with friends, going to market and even when going for acool yet professional office look.


    Style Tip: Style this cool stud pouch with your formals for an office formal party. You can also carry it for a causal lunch or hang-out with friends.

    So tell me how do you like the products & which one would you love to embellish in your wardrobe? Do try out their huge collection. Here’s their contact details:

    Website: www.bombaythreads.in

    FB Page: www.facebook.com/bombaythreads.in

    Instagram Page: instagram.com/bombaythreads

    Stay Tuned for My Next Review, Till then Lots of Love my Lovely Freinds :*

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