Review of Online Store Jugaaduu

“Buy a Phone Cover 1st & Then FIND the Phone that Fits it”

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Today we are back with another review of Online Shopping Store. This time it is the on-going trend of unique & fancy Mobile Phone Covers. Mobile Phone Covers have attracted interest of almost all people. From cute girlie phone covers to geeky styles to casual ones to customized phone covers, today there is not any limit over designs of the mobile phone covers. Today I will review an online store Jugaaduu that provides cute, trendy yet affordable mobile phone covers.

What Stats Say: If you purchase a smartphone, then there’s hardly any chance that you won’t buy a phone cover for it. Majority of the buyers prefer buying at-least one phone cover for their smartphone. As per a report, which came out in Dec 2013, more than 75% users of smartphones make use of a phone cover for their device. Moreover phone case sales have raised more than 17% in mere 12 months. Ok, enough of the stats hun 😛

I was looking to try different types & styles of phone covers since long time & one day while surfing through my Instagram, I just came across this store Jugaaduu. I checked through their collection & got excited with huge collection & diverse variety of phone covers & cases they were offering. So I decided to try few of these. Here’s Review of Online Store Jugaaduu.


As pper Jugaaduu, “We provide phone covers & cases which not only adds Class to Your Phone but also Protects it from Dust, Scratch & Stains. Our motto: Quality with Cool Looks”

So I ordered these few covers:

Price: These phone covers are for 449/-INR each. I tried to make a variation for my moods & choose these above.

My Experience with Phone Covers:

I have been using them since 15 days & here are my thoughts about them:


Designs are awesome & there is a huge variety in their collection. The best thing is you get what you see. Normally when you shop online, the biggest fear is we don’t get what is shown; but NOT with These covers look exactly like they look on screen. Also the finishing is smooth & matte which I like the most. No Untidy Finish, No Blur Sides & No Uneven Surfaces. They also offer Customize Your Own Cover feature too.

Design Rating: 8/10

**There can be more addition to the design collection**


I am pretty impressed with the quality. Actually the quality is something that came unexpected. I mean I have used so many phone covers till date; so far this has the Best Material Quality. In fact this is the biggest Plus Factor for me. How I came to this point?

I was using this cute cover, & while going somewhere my friend just dropped my phone on the road. The phone fell badly on hard concrete road. I use Samsung A5 & we all know how fragile our smartphones are. When my phone fell, for a moment I thought it’s gone but to my surprise when I picked the phone & checked, there wasn’t a single scratch on phone but the cover got wrecked on sides. May be the phone fell on this side but the best thing is this cover saved my smartphone. So for me, it is worth more than its price.

Quality Rating: 9/10

**I am keeping 1 point as the cover broke itself while saving my phone 😛 Just kidding! There is also scope for betterment.**


Service offered by Jugaaduu is good too. They are Friendly, Nice & offer On-Time delivery. My package got a bit late due to courier service delay & during that time Jugaaduu people were quite very supportive. Response time is above average.

Service Rating: 7/10

**Response time could have been better & a lil bit improvement in packaging is needed.**

Here’s individual pictures of Phone Covers:

{This one is My Favorite}

{Isn’t this Sooo Cute}

{This makes me Feel like ‘Yo, M a SuperGal’ 😉}

{This one broke but Saved My Phone}

{Is it Me or You also feel like EATING this one 😛}

{Girlie Girl Cute}

Overall Verdict:

Overall I am pretty much happy with covers I received from Jugaaduu. The covers are pretty, fresh, vibrant & of course customizing your own design option is also there. The quality for the phone cover is the biggest plus factor me. You can surely try them & get your phone an extra safety while making it cuter with amazing designs. DO TRY THEM Once atleast.

Jugaaduu Instagram Link:

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Jugaaduu WhatsApp: 09167337933

Go visit to surf for more designs.

Coming with review of another store very soon!!! Till then Cya 🙂 😉