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    Organistick Lipsticks: Pictures and Swatches- Part2

    Hey My Lovely Peeps 🙂

    In my last review, I reviewed 6 shades of Organistick Lipsticks; Shade 19, 25, 27, 30, 34 & 35. As I mentioned, the company claims its lipsticks’ ingredient list to comprise of Shea butter, Jojoba oil, FD&C Colors, Beeswax, Castor Oil and Carnauba Wax. The lipsticks don’t have any toxic ingredients or not even animal fat that make these lipsticks totally vegetarian & free of harmful chemicals. So here today i bring to you Organistick Lipsticks: Pictures and Swatches-Part2.


    About Company:

    ”Organistick is the Most Natural Lipstick You can Ever Get!”

    Organistick comprises of Shea butter that acts as the perfect lip balm as well as moisturizer to protect your lips during cold and dry weather. With the presence of Jojoba oil in Organistick’s composition, you can easily heal your dry and chapped lips. Such premium quality natural & organic ingredients ensure highly moist and smooth lips enabling you to always feel comfortable and confident. You no longer need to worry about presence of any animal fat or toxic ingredients.


    Price: Rs 299/- for Every Lipstick

    Net Content: 4gm

    Best Before: 24 Months from date of manufacturing

    Availability – Available across all Online Stores

    Swatches of Lipsticks from Organistick:

    I got these 6 beauties from Organistick:


    I will review about the quality, consistency, end finish & long lasting effect & other pros & cons of Organistick lipsticks in coming days. Here are swatches of individual lipsticks from Organistick:

    #1. Shade No. 19: It’s a light Pink shade with mauve tones. It’s perfect for college goers & even for daily subtle office looks. Also perfect for movie dates and hangouts with friends. This pink will suit Indian tones but dusky beauties can give it a skip.


    #2. Shade No. 25: This is a dark Strawberry shade with golden shine in it. This one is a very bright yet subtle color that can instantly enhance your face. This is among those shades that can go with day as well as evening party looks. This shade will suit all skin colors.


    #3. Shade No. 27: This is my favorite shade. It is bright tangy Orange Color with red tone. Being a fair wheatish skin tone, it just instantly brightens up my face. I will highly recommend this shade to fair to wheatish skin tone beauties. From college looks to office looks to parties, hangouts, dates & even functions, you can rock this shade anywhere with a cute smile & lots of confidence.


    Here’s Comparison Shade of 19, 25 & 27:

    Here’s swatches of 19, 25 & 27 shades all together:



    #4. Shade No. 30: This one is a crimson Red color with golden shine & a perfect Indian color. Rock it with Indian attire. It will suit all skin tone beauties.


    #5. Shade No. 34: This one is a shiny bronze color with golden glitter. It is a perfect party shade & perfect for Indian skin tone. This one shade is perfect for all skin tone & all age beauties.



    #6. Shade No. 35: This is a bold mauve shade with purple tone. I am personally not fond of such shades but beauties who love to try & explore new shades, do try this one.



    Here’s Comparison Shade of 30, 34 & 35:

    Here’s swatches of 30, 34 & 35 shades all together:



    Let me know which shade you fell in love with and how much you liked Organistick Lipsticks: Pictures and Swatches.

    Buy Organistick Lipsticks from their website www.Organistick.com or contact them on their social media FB, Instagram





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