King Khan first on-screen Kiss was with a Man- Find out More With Us

Shahrukh Khan the king of romance has been giving fascinating performances in all his movies. Be it DDLJ, which is still ruling our heart or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham, Veer Zara and many more. Though, we never saw SRK giving kissing scene on the screen. As he shared this exception with his fellow actors that he would not do any kissing scene. Then what happened that he has to kiss a man, know with us more about “King Khan first on-screen Kiss was with a Man- Find out more with us”

We have never seen SRK doing a kissing shot with any of his co-actor but King Khan broke his no kissing rule for the big budget Yash Chopra’s film. Yes, Srk kissed Katrina Kaif in the movie Jab Tak  Hai Jaan, which was also their first movie. And everyone believes that it was the first on-screen kiss of King Khan which he shared with famous actress Katrina Kaif and we can’t deny the fact that they both were looking stunning together as a couple.

Did King Khan really Kissed a Man?

Everyone believed that SRK first on-screen kiss was from the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan but this is not the truth. SRK first on-screen kiss was from the movie My Name is Khan. Yes, you got it right. But, don’t get confused thinking it was with Kajol but it was actually with a Hollywood Actor. At the time of My Name is Khan, romurs were spread t SRK Kissing Hollywood actor John Barrowman was part of the film. However, on the release of the film so such scene was found. The scene was deleted and the reason is still unknown. Though their picture went viral but nor SRK, nor Karan Johar ever commented on that picture.

As time passed, this controversy vanished like several others but, the picture is still there on the internet. Also, what do you think with whom SRK shared his first on-screen kiss with? Do share your views about “King Khan first on-screen Kiss was with a Man- Find out more with us”

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