5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly

Impressing someone may not be easy as it seems to be. Never worry, with little tricks, it may become easier to impress anyone and everyone you meet in your life. Here are 5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly.

    Is Online Dating Good or Bad

    Online Dating has been in trend for a long time now. The first online dating app was launched in the year 1995. The name of the site was “Match.com”. Since 1995 a number of the application has been launched. And as time is passing people are becoming more comfortable with the concept of online dating. But, have you ever wondered if it’s good or bad? Everyone has their own opinion. Some say it’s good while some say it’s not. However, you don’t have you worry because we have all the aspect that’ll help you to decide if it’s good or not. Come find out more with us, Is Online Dating Good or Bad?

    We listen and read about so many cases related to online dating every now and then. How does it get people in trouble, etc. etc. While, on the other hand, if we talk in person to the people who have met through the online dating app and have been together for quite some time. These people seem to have a pretty good experience of online dating. Now, we got confused whom to trust, the incident we read about or the people who are living a happy life together. So, in order to get out of this confusion, we decided to first jot the down the pros and cons of online dating and then reach a conclusion. Come and find out with us what are the pros and cons of online dating.

    #Pros of Online Dating

    1- You Meet More People

    The best part of online dating is- unlike the real world, it gives a number of options to all the people. There are thousands of profiles available and you can check out as many as you want. Not only check out but you can also try conversing with 2 people at a time and later chose one of them, without other person knowing about it.

    2- Like- Minded People

    When we make a profile on the dating apps. It asks us to specify the kind of person we are looking for. And, then the app gives you a list of people who have similar interest and thoughts. Isn’t it great to have a list of like-minded people? Moreover, it gives you people a number of the topic to talk about that too with common interest.

    3- You know what you are looking for

    When you meet someone in person by chance, you can’t directly hit on them or tell them you like them. But, when it comes you dating app everyone knows why you are there on the app. Moreover, the app suggests you people according to your interest. So, it’s kind of removing the uncertainty. Like should I tell him/her that I like you or not? Will he/she be having a boyfriend/girlfriend? All these questions don’t come to your way. Because we know if the person is there on the app, that’s means they are open to dating. You may also like 10 SIMPLE WAYS TO REDUCE BELLY FAT

    4- Best Option for Shy People

    If you are a shy person and feel afraid of telling someone you like them. Trust me online dating apps can be the best invention of your life. We all know that Shy people hesitate to express their feeling in front of people or in person. While if you use a dating app, it’ll become easier for you to talk to the other person over text. If you are able to connect with someone online, you won’t feel nervous because he/she is not able to see you and you are comfortable with talking over text and can meet the person whenever you feel you are ready, there’s no pressure.

    # Cons of Online Dating

    1- What if She is a He in Reality

    When you use an online dating app, you can’t actually tell if the person you are talking to you is actually real or fake. There are cases when a man is operating profile with the name of a girl and vice versa. Or there might be chances a child had made a fake profile and using it. You can’t trust someone or know what exactly they look like until you meet them in person. You might find them attractive looking at the picture. But, what if they have Photoshop their picture? or used someone else picture as their own.

    #2. Lack of Transparency

    When it comes to dating profile, people mention everything and anything they want on their profile bio. So, until and unless you really meet that particular person, in reality, you don’t actually get know what kind of personality he/she is. But, at the same time, not all the profiles are fake. You just need to keep your guard up if you chose to use one of these applications. Don’t blindly trust anyone no matter how good bond you are sharing with them.

    #3. Pressure

    In the online world, things seem to move a little faster. Even talking to someone just for a week or two will make you feel like you have known the other person since long. The other person might pressure you to meet in person or go on a date but think, would you actually invite someone for a date, who you have known for just one week. Always remember your safety is the first thing you should be concerned about the most. You may also like 5 Sanskaari Things You Need in Your Life to replace Un-Sanskaari Things

    #4. It’s Dangerous

    This world is full of fake people. You never know who is hidden behind those beautiful pictures that you are admiring. So you need to be very careful. You never know if the profile you are seeing is fake or real. Moreover, we would like to suggest you before using an online dating app you should go for some research regarding what precaution you need to take to protect yourself. Also, remember never ever reveal your personal information on these sites as everyone has access to them.

    # Conclusion

    Online dating is good and for many people, it turned out as a really good experience. Also, it gives you a chance to meet more people and provides you with a wide option. You also get to meet people with a similar mindset and liking. But, is life all about meeting similar people? Don’t forget that these dating apps have given the excess to all kind of people and you never know what a person is like behind the screen. The person you are talking with may be real or may not be real. In short, the answer to the question “Is Online Dating Good or Bad” depends upon you. If you are cautious enough while making a profile on these dating app like- not revealing personal information, not trusting the person behind the screen, doing some research about the person. If you do all such thing and take every step carefully, who knows you might meet your soul mate. But, if you are not cautious enough and trusting the person blindly, who might know; your online experience might be a bad one.

    My dear Friends online world is very attractive. Choosing to date via a dating app is completely up to you. You never know who you may end up meeting. But, then my friend the person you have met, he/she may be a good person or maybe a bad one. You may never know what kind of a personality the other person holds. So, your experience of online dating completely depends upon you. It depends upon how cautious you are? How carefully you are handling things. We are not saying don’t go out on a date with people you have met online. However, we suggest do let someone know that you are going out on a date in case you might need help. In short, enjoy your online dating phase but, at the same time be cautious about anything and everything. Also, do share with us what do you think about “Is Online Dating Good or Bad?” Moreover, do share your online dating experience with us.

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