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    Interview with Nahyan, the winner of the Young Innovation Award 2020

    Nahyan Haissanar won the Young Innovation Award 2020 for his innovations in automotives. This young automotive enthusiast studies bikes and cars on the internet, and watches videos to understand their applications better. The Young Innovation Award is a recognition of young and talented minds who take their curiosity ahead, driven by innovative ideas. Organised with a goal to identify and encourage child prodigies, these awards get thousands of entries from across India every single year. The process of determining the winners involves identifying the calibre of the candidate across various categories like curiosity, entrepreneurial traits, innovative thoughts, ideas, personality development, emotional intelligence, and so on. Nahyan was selected keeping all the categories in mind. We got a chance to meet this young automotive enthusiast with his parents recently. Sharing some excerpts from our interview.

    A : Hi Nahyan! First of all, congratulations for your win. We’re all so proud of you!

    Nahyan : Thank you so much.

    A : Tell us about your love for automotives that led to your win.

    Nahyan : Whenever I see a new car or bike, the first thing I do is check it’s engine and performance reviews on the internet. There are so many types of engines and people don’t pay attention to them. I watch videos of new automobile releases all the time. I then go and tell everything about it to my friends in school. Everyone asks me which car or bike to buy before their parents buy it.

    A : What do you do when your father gets a new vehicle home?

    Nahyan : Haha. I ask him for a ride first and then I ask him if I can open the bonnet and see the engine.

    A : (to Nahyan’s parents) Have you faced any interesting incidents because of his experimentation?

    Nahyan’s father : Thankfully, all of them have been good so far. He kept experimenting with his toy cars first, and then with his cycles and ATVs later. Today he is so good at what he does that everyone in our family trusts him to even open the engines of their expensive cars and bikes! The other day, one of my cars had a weird noise coming from it. He just heard it for a few seconds and immediately identified what was wrong. He solved the problem in 5 minutes. Even the engineer from the car company was impressed with Nahyan’s skills.

    A : Oh that is great. You must have seen so many automotives till date, Nahyan. But tell me, which one do you love the most?

    Nahyan : My favourite F1 car is the Red Formula1 racer. Among bikes, my favourite is the Black Dugati Devil. I have a Dugati Scrambler at home and I love it. It’s speed and stroke are the best!

    A : When you grow up, do you want to take this love for automotives ahead?

    Nahyan : Yes, absolutely. I wish to become an F1 expert one day who not just drives cars but also knows how and why they are so fast! I want to do something that brings this technology to India. Maybe even make an Indian automobile company that has world class cars and bikes! And I will use the best of the best technology in them.

    A : (to Nahyan’s parents) Nahyan looks like a bright boy. What do his teachers say about him?

    Nahyan’s mother : They were the one of the few people apart from us who first recognised his love for all kinds of machines, especially vehicles. They call him their “young automotive enthusiast”. They say he often talks about vehicles and the science behind them with his peers. His interest in physics too grew because of his love for how automotives work.

    A : That’s wonderful. What else do you love Nahyan, apart from automobiles?

    Nahyan : I love playing football. I want to meet Messi one day and play with him! The way he plays looks as fast as a racing car. That’s why I love him and the sport so much. I like playing video games too. Oh and I love animals. I play with them and keep clicking their photos whenever I’m not experimenting with automobiles.

    Nahyan’s mother : There are so many incidents in his childhood where he took care of animals when hurt, fed them, and nurtured them. I feel it is this quality in him of loving nature while loving technology that keeps him grounded and helps him grow at the same time. And he’s constantly clicking their photos too. He knows his camera as well as he knows his bikes and cars.

    A : Wow. It is good to see you have so many hobbies. Ok, I have one last question for you. What is your dream in life?

    Nahyan : I have some friends in other countries apart from India too. Whenever we talk about amazing technology, they always talk about Japan, Korea, Germany, and other nations. But never about India. I want to change that. I want India to be recognised on the world map for amazing automobile technology too. And it’s my dream to work on this project.

    A : Such a young champ and such beautiful dreams. We wish you all the best for your journey, Nahyan.

    Nahyan : Thank you.

    To know more about Nahyan, Click HERE

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