How to Remove Sun Tan Quickly at Home

“How to Remove Sun Tan from the Face Naturally”

Summer is finally gone and winter is approaching. It is true that playing under the sun is a great fun, but the end result is not good at all. The face and the exposed arms may become incredibly dark due to sun tanning, requiring an immediate attention. Most of you might be looking for a quick resolution to do away with the tan. You can try bleaching or any other harmful chemicals to get rid of the sun tan. Some of the cosmetics promise an instant tan removal but they only render a short term result. Cosmetics can take a serious toll on the skin, causing skin darkening. Let us have a look at  How to Remove Sun Tan Quickly at Home:

how to remove sun tan quickly

1.Homemade Pack of Rose Water, Cucumber and Lemon Juice

This is one of the effective natural masks for tan removal. Being rich in citric acid, you may use the mixture of lemon juice in almost every facepack. Vitamin C is capable of neutralizing the impact of damages caused by the free radicals and this way tan can be lightened. You have to use the sunscreen lotion with the high SPF as the skin can become sensitive after using the lemon juice.

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2.Bengal Gram Flour and Turmeric Powder Face Pack

The pack of gram flour and turmeric causes a natural bleaching effect. The holy powder turmeric offers an amazing result and brings about a healthy glow on the skin. It reduces tan to reveal a radiant skin. The Bengal gram exfoliates the skin and reduces the pigmentation superbly.

how to remove sun tan quickly

3.Honey and Papaya Face Pack

This fruit pack is very effective in eliminating the sun tan. The presence of papain can lighten the damage caused by sun tan. It also helps in reducing the visibility of blemishes and scars.

4.Yogurt, Tomato and Lemon Juice Face Pack

The powerful bleaching property of lemon juice, tomato and yogurt is capable of removing the skin tan. It can effectively remove dark spots, skin tans while improving the damage caused by tanning naturally. Even the skin pores may shrink to reduce the skin oiliness.

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5.Yogurt and Orange Juice Face Pack

The face pack is a great tan remover. It can regenerate new skin cells with the aid of vitamin C. Orange can remove the blemishes from the skin. The pack can superbly improve the skin tone.

how to remove sun tan quickly

6.Face Pack of Masoor Dal, Aloe Vera and Tomato

The hydrating property of aloe vera, the exfoliation benefit of masoor dal and the bleaching agent tomato can reduce tan to reveal a glowing complexion.

7.Exfoliating pack of Butter Milk and Oat Meal

Oatmeal, the great agent for weight reduction, is also used to clean the skin and improve the tanning damage. It can remove the tan much efficiently. Buttermilk can superbly moisturize and soothe the skin while the oatmeal acts as the natural scrub to remove scars and blisters & you will be left with smooth, clear & glowing skin.

how to remove sun tan quickly

Home remedies for tan removal is an effective way to cure the tan in a nourishing way. Try and avoid the chemical based cosmetics and use the natural remedies.

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