How to get Soft, Shiny & Healthy Hair at Home

.“Best Ways of Getting Soft and Shiny Hair at Home”


It takes a bit of effort to acquire the soft and shiny hair. There are many who are born with great tresses. Even if you are not gifted the soft and shiny hair, you may acquire it with a bit of effort. You can take up the range of hair treatments and most of the ingredients may be found at home. Even if one is on a tight budget, it is possible to get shiny hair within a few days. Try these tips to get get soft shiny healthy hair at home.

how to get soft shiny hair

Benefit of Yogurt

Yogurt is capable of deeply conditioning the hair. The yogurt must be plain and you need to evenly spread all over the hair. Then take up the old hair tie and tie the hair as pony tail. Leave it & then rinse off. You will get naturally soft & shiny hair. Also try 5 Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Organic Coconut and Unrefined Oil

You need to massage the organic and the unrefined oil all through the dry hair. Choose unrefined oil since that would not soak into one’s hair. If you have oily scalp, never run the scalp with the coconut oil or avoid rubbing it close to the hair line. Your only target must be to condition the hair and scalp does not need that much of attention. Start applying the oil from the end and the quantity of the oil should depend on the hair thickness.

how to get silky hair

Washing the Hair

Washing the hair with luke warm water on a regular basis and then wrapping the hair in the cap can make the hair soft.

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Aloe Vera and Honey

For this scalp pack, mix up equal quantities of honey, aloe vera and conditioner. Aloe vera being an excellent conditioner, it is a great rebuilding agent to offer the smooth hair. If you have dark hair, use honey carefully since it can lighten the hair. The aloe vera juice should not comprise of alcohol. The mixture of honey and aloe vera is the fantastic hair conditioner.

how to get silky hair

Deep Conditioning with Eggs

To replenish moisture and natural shine back to the hair, you can apply the egg or mayonnaise. You simply need to crack 2-3 eggs in the bowl and simply separate the yolk and the white. You can use the egg white to condition the hair. Pour an adequate quantity of olive oil and whisk in the egg white.

how to get silky hair

Deep Treatment with Vinegar

Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly with the cold water to eliminate the residual shampoo. Now, measure two cups of the vinegar in one cup of water. Leave the water and vinegar mixture onto the hair and then rinse. This process must be repeated every week.

Brushing Hair Aptly

Healthy hair can be acquired by brushing the hair in the right manner. Brushing the hair in the wrong way can cause hair fall. Simply wet your hair, use the wide toothed comb and brush the hair. Wide tooth comb can allow one to cut down on the split ends. This will give very soft shiny healthy hair.

hair hacks

Also eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can pave the way for silky hair. To make the crowning glory your priced possession, you need to eat healthy. Try these remedies & get soft shiny healthy hair at home.

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