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    How to Develop Confidence in Yourself

    “6 Killer Actions to Boost Up the Level of Confidence”

    One of the major things that may restrict you from pursuing dreams may be the lack of confidence. Fear can be overcome by working on self-esteem and self confidence. If you are thinking how to develop confidence in yourself, you can try out the secret tricks.


    1)Looking Good: the Secret to Killer Confidence

    When you dress well, you look good and develop confidence. Choose clothing and accessories that suits your style and personality. Looking good, lifts up the self-esteem and builds up the self-confidence. You will begin to have a positive image about yourself. Try and set up your success by playing the part you wish to play.


    2)Stayng Positive

    Replace those negative thoughts with the positive ones. By doing this, many great things can happen. The tiny little skill can increase confidence and make you run a marathon in a year.

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    3)Need to Speak Assertively

    While listening to your favorite speaker, try and notice the tone in which the words are spoken. Being confident and speaking in a rhythmic tone, defines a good speaker. If you can speak assertively, your words will be noticed and appreciated. This will boost confidence level. Use pauses only to emphasize the idea.


    4)Taking Up Immediate Action

    The word ‘immediate’ does not imply taking rash decisions. Simply act out the part if you think there is something in an action. While at the networking event, walk up to the stranger and accept the project which you wished to reject. Being self-confident will become your second nature with regular practice.

    5)Prepare for Presentations

    If you dread speaking in front of others, try to prepare well. Prior planning and preparation can prevent a poor performance.


    6)Build a Positive Image by Knowing Yourself

    When on a battlefield, trying to defeat the enemies, the wisest soldier tries to first learn about the enemy. Try to know yourself and then try to kill the image. Overcome the negative image and replace it by self-confidence. Try to work on your weaker areas that pull you down. Start analyzing the limitations and ask good things about yourself.


    Knowing well what you are about to do, can make you confident. Think about the action you are about to take and its positive outcomes. Breaking complex tasks into manageable ones can also increase confidence.

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