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    Gadgets For Women That Claim To Protect Them From Sexual Assault

    Women safety has always been an issue. There are so many rape-victims and we can’t even imagine what they have gone through. Though the world has grown so much technically, still there is no device available in the market that can help the victims to protect themselves from any kind of threat or assault. So, today we are here with anti-rape devices available in the market from all over the world. Want to know what are they? Check out “Gadgets For Women That Claim To Protect Them From Sexual Assault”.

    #1. Watch Over Me App

    This app is available on iOS and as well as on android and is a free app. Watch Over Me App allows their users to send a distress call just by shaking their phones in case of emergency. There are situations when we are in trouble and can’t make a call to inform someone. But, if you are using this app then all you need to do is shake your phone and the app will activate phone’s video camera, alarm and an alert will be send automatically to your emergency contacts even if your phone is locked.  While you are traveling alone you can set a timer, and if you don’t press the “I’m Safe” option on the screen before the timer ends your location and your travel information will be immediately sent to your family members or emergency contact. And the best part of the application is that its activities are based on inactivity. So, even if your phone fell somewhere or someone took it away still it’ll take care of you. 

    #2. Stiletto 

    Stiletto is a device which looks like a pendant. You can wear it around your neck or also as a bracelet. It has got a small button and just by pressing it once, it’ll call the police or the emergency contacts. If by any chance you are not able to speak on the call that you are unsafe and need help. The automated call will take care of it. Also, if you press it again it means you are safe. The best part of stiletto is that it looks stylish so you can easily wear it with any outfit and since it looks like a pendant no one will be able to guess what it is actually. You may also like 6 Zodiac Sign Compatible For First Dates, But Not The Long Haul

    #3. Undercover Colours 

    It is a nail polish which changes its colour as soon as it comes in contact with any drink that contains Rohypnol, Xanax, GHB in it. It is very easy to use, you have to use it like you use your regular nail polish. So when you are out for a drink and you want to check if everything is fine with your drink or not? All you have to do is dip your finger in the drink and if your nail polish colour has been changed, be aware ladies there is something wrong with your drink. 

    #4. Siren Ring 

    As the name says it all, it’s a ring. But it’s not a normal ring, this ring contains an alarm which has 100 decibel sound, enough to distract and startle an attacker or any other person from 50 feet away. All you need to do it turn the top side of the ring to the left and sound will be triggered. Also, in case the alarm is false there is a delay of seconds so the person can turn off the alarm.  You may also like The 5-Step ‘David Beckham’ Grooming Routine That Will Make Women Go Crazy Over You

    #5. Anti- Rape Bangle

    A man from Telangana Hyderabad has made this bangle for women security. He says that if a woman wearing this bangle is attacked by someone, all she needs to do is tilt her hand at a certain angle and the bangle will automatically get activated and will give an electric shock to the attacher who is holding her arm. You may also like Philosophies By Guruji The Most Sinister Player Of The Sacred Games

    These were “5 Gadgets For Women That Claim To Protect Them From Sexual Assault”. Well, these gadgets do claim the women safety and we hope they work exactly the same way as they say. I believe there should more such gadget available in the market for women safety and should be advertised enough so that every woman is aware of them. If you know about any such gadget other than these do share with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share your views about “Gadgets For Women That Claim To Protect Them From Sexual Assault”.

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