Coping with Stress in 21st Century: 5 Easy Tricks

World Health Organization has labeled stress as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”. The effect it can have on both our physical and emotional health is devastating. It can also affect our careers and aspirations. For example, more than 50% of individuals stated that they feel stress had a negative effect on their work performance. So, if you want to be able to stay focused and motivated, you should find a way to cope with stress. Here are a few ways to do that. Coping with Stress in 21st Century: 5 Easy Tricks.

#1.Sleep Better

Stress can seriously affect your sleeping habits. Lack of sleep is also one of the key causes of stress. This vicious cycle can seriously affect the way both your body and mind work, and it only gets worse over time. Doctors recommend getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep, so try to aim for that. It’s a good idea to turn off your TV and dim the lights before going to bed. It’s also important to be completely relaxed before you fall asleep.

#2.Eat Right

It’s no secret that stress and diet are closely related. When we’re under a lot of stress, we tend to turn to unhealthy meals and snacks. But the fact is, foods like that are only going to make you feel worse. If you want to deal with stress properly, you should try to avoid junk food and turn to other, healthier options. Fruits and vegetables are always a great choice. Fish can also be helpful when trying to cope with stress. Even if you don’t have much free time, you can always make a tuna sandwich. Try 6 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY


#3.Talk to Your Friends

When we’re under a lot of stress, we like to be on our own. Still, this might not always be the best idea. When you’re feeling stressed, a drink with a good friend can do wonders. Good relationships with friends and family members are the key to leading a stress-free life. A reassuring voice can help you both deal with your troubles and stay motivated. So, if you’re under a lot of stress, don’t hesitate to call a friend and have them over or go for a drink.



Exercise doesn’t always have to mean doing some heavy lifting at the gym or running a marathon. When dealing with stress, exercising for just 15 minutes a day can be quite helpful. You can go for a run around your neighborhood or do some simple exercises in front of your TV. When you get your body moving, your release endorphins, which will quickly lift up your mood. Even if you don’t have much free time, there are some exercises you can do in your office during a break.

#5.Deal with Stressful Situations

There are many things in the 21st century that can cause stress. No matter what you’re going through, it’s important to find the right way to deal with it in order to be able to keep going. Divorce is one of the main causes of stress today. When going through a divorce, it’s important to find the easiest ways to go through with it. For example, when filing divorce in California, you can do it online and get it over with as soon as possible. Your work might also be causing you a lot of stress. If that’s the case, try creating a balanced schedule and breaking projects into small steps.

Stress is something a lot of us experience quite often, but it’s important to find the right ways to deal with it. It’s the only way you’ll be able to stay focused on your goals and keep going. Coping with Stress in 21st Century: 5 Easy Tricks







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