Best 7 Google Tricks, Secrets & Hacks

“7 Tricks on Making Google Browsing a Cool Experience


Google is undoubtedly ruling the search engine world as the best search engine and it is used more than Yahoo. Having a cleaner and simpler homepage, Google is fast and user-friendly. Some of the Google tricks or Google secrets can further make the internet searching a cool experience for you. There are some very unique features of Google that are worth knowing.

1.Personalize the Google logo with GogLogo

Ever wanted the Google logo to appear as you want? Now, this feature of GogLogo permits one to personalize the logo of Google into the text you wish.


2.Amazing Feature of ‘LetMeGoogleThatForYou’

Do you know anyone who is too lazy to conduct searches? Now, let that person be lazier because LMGTFY is up there. If you are kind enough to help one of your laziest friends, you can use this feature. You simply have to type in the search term and email the links that appear.

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3.Can You Test the Language Skills? Yes with the Google Klingon

Is your inner geek oozing with the awesomeness of a star trek? Well, if you want to have a complete fun, you should be able to converse in Klingon. Simply, test your language skills in Klingon.

4.Anti-Gravity Force

So, Google has covered you from the earth to space. This speaks enough about the advancement in technology. The ones who brought up the Google Sphere, has also brought up the Google Space. Mimicking the anti-gravity force, Google Space is the opposite of Google Gravity.

5.Musical Google Guitar

To commemorate the Guitar genius, Les Paul, Google in the year 2009, made the genius live for another two years by including the guitar logo. The home page has the guitar logo that is recordable as well as playable.


6.Google Search for favourite Videos, eBooks and Music

Use Google to conduct any kind of searches. Find the books written by your favourite authors, search good music and movie videos. The search engine may be used to carry out any kind of searches. Use the web directory to find what you wish for.

7.The Interactive Image Search with Google Sphere

Google makes the image search interesting with the Google Sphere feature which makes image search an interactive experience. So, if the world is not flat, why Google has to be.

These Google hacks are sure to make browsing a pleasurable experience. So, just follow the above Google hacks or tricks.

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