7 Love Making Secrets Men Want Women to Know

“7 Intimate things Men want from their Women but cant Express”

Ladies, do you always get confused when it comes to understand sexual intimacy of your partner? The idea of sexual intimacy keeps on changing all the time for everyone especially ladies. At one point of life you crave for it while at other point of life you are getting some faking headaches to avoid it. This is pretty much normal sort of behavior in a relationship. But this behavior in long run can make your Man feel boring & sexually frustrated. To avoid that, first you need to understand What Men actually think about Sex. So here we club 7 Love Making Secrets Men Want Women to Know:

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#1. Be Sexy, Feel Sexy:

Yes you read it right! Men’s sexy intimacy is through eyes while women’s sexy intimacy is through emotions & that is where ladies fell back. So, Girls get some lacy sexy lingerie & nighties in your collection & surprise your man with a hot look. The simple mantra is Be Sexy & Feel Sexy & get your Man on his toes.

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#2. Guys like it Rough Sometimes:

No matter how much well behaved and mannerly is your Man, inside deep down he wants it a bit rough sometimes! He wants you to get a bit rough with him, grabbing his hair, pulling some roughly, running your fingers through his hair pulling & biting on his ears, nails on his back. This way he feels like you are really into it & hence making sex more passionate for him.

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#3. You Man loves an Unexpected Pic from You:

Your Man will love an Unexpected Pic from You out of the blue. You need not send a nude all the time, a simple smiling pic or a funny pic in full clothes will make his day; no matter even if you are having a Bad Hair day.

amazing sex secrets

#4. Hide Your Sexy Bits:

Don’t be naked all the time. Yes it may sound weird as all women have this thing in mind that their men just want to see them naked. But the reality is the more you walk naked around him in the bedroom when you are not getting intimate, the more both of you will feel sexually desensitized.


#5.Sexy Imagination:

Men love sexiness so add on a dash of sexy imagination. Take inspiration from porn, make some theme & buy some play roles costumes. You can be a nurse treating her patient sexually sometimes or a teacher sexually arousing her student or a cop with handcuffs or anything that comes into your imagination. Internet is full of such things so Google some & make use of them to surprise him.

amazing sex secrets

#6. Yep, Your Guy does want to try Anal:

May be your man has never asked for it but trust us, Most men do want to try Anal Sex. “Most med do want to have anal,” admits Lakshya, 27, from Mumbai. “And if they don’t ask for it, it is because they haven’t had it yet but they do want to try it.” So if you both haven’t tried it yet & your boyfriend/hubby hasn’t mentioned it yet, feel free to bring this topic in intimate talks & he will definitely Thank You!

#7. What Men wan MOST in bed is Confidence:

Yes the most important thing a Man expects from his lady in bed is Confidence. Girls do feel shy or timid about flaws they think their body is having but trust us, men are not even bothered about those flaws most of the time. If you think your arms are not that girlie or your breast size is a bit small or that stretch mark you have will make you look ugly or you having a bad hair day, Girls he hasn’t even noticed them. Remember No One is Perfect so feel confident about your body. First you got to love yourself only then expect others to Love You back. So be loud, relax, have fun & if you want to try something simply speak up.

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Bonus Secret: He wants Compliment too

We all know how much girls love compliments but men love compliment too.  It’s just they don’t show the needs of compliments like girls do. A little of “I like that shirt”, “this suits you,” etc can go a long way & get your man more in mood too. Men love it when you Notice them.

So, next time keep these in mind & see the difference within few days in your love life. Let us know how much you liked 7 Love Making Secrets Men Want Women to Know