5 Ways to Focus on Studying Without Getting Distracted

Studying for exams can be tough at times. Especially when you have to study continuously for a long period of time that too without any breaks. Moreover, we have so many things to distract our mind from studies such as- social media, it makes it even more difficult for us to concentrate.  When we are not focused enough it becomes difficult to understand the topics. And, take more time to complete things than actually required. So, we are here for you with “5 Ways to Focus on Studying Without Getting Distracted”


#1. Find the Reason

Have you ever get bored while watching a YouTube Video or a movie? No right? You know why because you are doing something you have interest in. So, the biggest reason behind the distraction while you are studying is Lack of Interest, Lack of Purpose, or maybe Lack of Motivation. You may name it any of these. So, what should one do to avoid distraction? The answer is simple, know your Why. That’s right if you really want to focus on your studies find out the reason why you opted for it? For example, you want to take admission in your desired college. Think about why you want to take admission in that college. Try to find the reason behind everything you are doing and you’ll see the difference yourself. Note down that reason on the paper and paste it at different places like- bathroom, on Study Table, near your Bed. It’ll help you to remind yourself of the reason and keep you motivated.

#2. Say no to Social Media

We all have to agree social media has been successful in capturing our attention 24×7. No matter, if we got nothing to do on social media but we still like scrolling the screen and wasting our time. Moreover, during the exam, our urge to use social media grows a little wider. So in order to avoid social media distraction during your exam, what you can do is- Put your phone to silent mode and give it to someone else and ask them to hide it. Also, tell them not to give you your phone before a particular time no matter how hard you try. This way your urge to use social media will convert into motivation for you. Because you’ll know that you can only use it if you’ll complete your task. The problem isn’t that we check our phone after some hours in order to relax, but the problem is once we start checking it, we can’t resist ourselves and keep on using our phone. You may also like 7 signs that you are a good kisser

#3. Distraction Sheet

You all must have noticed while studying a number of the task comes to your mind, which you need to complete. In such a situation, your mind gets distracted from what you are actually doing. So, to avoid such situation all you need to do is – keep a distraction sheet with yourself while you are studying. You can note down all the things coming to your mind, which need your attention on that sheet. Later when you are done studying, have a look at that sheet and complete the work as per your priorities. This will help you to free your mind from worries, like what might if I forget to do this later. And you can focus on your studies better.

#4. Difficult Task

We often get distracted even more than usual when we know the subject or the topic is difficult. Therefore, in order to avoid distraction try to finish the difficult task in the morning time and the easy one afterward. At the morning, your mind is fresh and it’s easy to understand things with a fresh mind. Or if you feel productive at some other time during the entire day, keep the most difficult subject or topic for that time. So, you can focus more on a particular topic or subject. You may also like Priyanka Chopra is a Terrible Wife- Get Full Story

#5. Treat yourself with Some Free Time

Once you have successfully studied for certain hours without any distraction, treat your yourself with satisfying your urge to check Facebook or Instagram. Give yourself half an hour or 20 minutes break to check the phone or do whatever you feel like doing. But, make sure if you have allowed yourself half-an-hour it shouldn’t exceed the time. After half an hour again go back to your undisturbed study routine.

Bonus Point- Other Things to Keep in Mind

1- Choose a place which is free from distraction, you can go to a library. Or if you are studying at home make sure no one disturbs you while you are studying to avoid the distraction.

2- Eat well, It’ll help you to keep your energy up. If you’ll not eat enough food, you’ll feel tired and won’t be able to concentrate well on your studies.

3- After every 50-60 minutes take a break of 5-10 min to regain focus.

These were 5 Ways to Focus on Studying Without Getting Distracted. Hope you’ll get help from these and will be able to concentrate well on your studies. Also, if you use any other technique to keep yourself focused during your exam, do share with us in the comment section. Moreover, don’t forget to tell us how much you like “5 Ways to Focus on Studying Without Getting Distracted”


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