5 Tips to Beat Exam Stress

Exam, every time I hear it, there this weird feeling I go through. Though it’s hard to decide if it’s stress, tension, anxiety or maybe a mixed feeling. Whenever we think of the exam we all become tensed. Even it’s our exam or our children’s exam, we become super stressful, no matter how hard we try to keep our cool. But, taking stress during the exam is not a good idea. So, we are here to for you with “5 Tips to Beat Exam Stress”. These tips will help you to keep yourself calm and stress free.

#1. Prioritize your time

Don’t be confused while preparing for the exam. Some students get confused during exam days. They don’t know which subject or chapter they should be studying first. In such a situation, try making time table to manage everything in a good way. Allot time to the different chapters and subject. This will give you a perfect idea of how much time you need to spend on a particular topic and exam. This way you can mark the topic you have already completed and manage your time properly. Having a proper schedule will give you confidence and also help you to lower the stress.

#2. Exercise and Eat Well

During the exam, most of us think that we should not waste time by going out for exercise or taking a walk. But, what the most of the student doesn’t know is that exercise is very good for them. It increases the blood flow which makes you feel fresh and stay awake. And studying with a fresh mind is better than studying with a tired mind. Also, during exam having stress is a natural thing. But, why let the stress affect your studies. Do some exercise and eat well. Exercise act as a great stress buster. It will keep you fresh while eating well will give you enough strength and also, increase your brain power. You may also like 10 Powerful Body Language Tips

#3. Avoid Social Media

All of us love using social media. But, trust me they are your enemy during your exams. Most of the students check Instagram and Facebook while doing the revision. They think it’ll freshen up their mind. But, we all know how quickly time fly when we use social media. Ultimately, it doesn’t make your mind fresh but at times put more pressure on you. As you’ll interact with your friends and they’ll talk about studies. Talking about studies will ultimately put more pressure on you and you’ll become more stressful. Also, once you start using social media it distracts your mind from studies. It will become difficult for you to concentrate on your studies.

#4. Get Enough Sleep

Most of the students avoid sleeping during exams. But, not having enough sleep is not an option. If you disturb your daily routine cycle it will worsen the situation. Lack of sleep will disturb your body and your mind. You will not feel fresh enough to grasp all the information you are reading. It’ll also affect your concentration power. If you are staying up late at night then you should take a nap during the day. It’ll help you to be fresh and you can concentrate well on your studies.

#5. Give Yourself a Break

I know it’s easy to say, but try not to be too harsh with yourself. Just trust yourself, you are giving your best. If you’ll put yourself under a lot of stress it’s not going to bring you any good. Going out for half an hour or so will not affect your studies but ultimately it’ll make your mind fresh. And, when you’ll revise with a fresh mind you’ll be able to grasp thing more accurately. During your exam make sure you give yourself a break while studying. Also, remember don’t use mobile or watch TV during that break as it’ll not allow your brain to relax. Instead, go out for a walk or do some exercise. You can also take a power nap of 20 minutes. You may also like Online Dating Good or Bad
So these were 5 Tips to Beat Exam Stress only for you. We hope these tips will help you to manage the stress and increase your concentration power. Also, do share with us how you tackle stress during your exam. Don’t forget to tell us how much you like “5 Tips to Beat Exam Stress”.