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    5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back

    There are times when things don’t work out between you and your partner and you both decide to call it off. Or in another case, your partner may give you reasons like- I don’t think we are compatible, I don’t see a future with you, I don’t feel the same for you, and I don’t think it working anymore between us or many other reasons. But, then after taking a break of a day or two, we realize that we want that person back in our life. But, your ex being a stubborn person is not at all ready to be back in a relationship with you. So, what to do when your ex says “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together!”. Don’t have an answer don’t worry cause we have. Check out “5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back”.

    5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back

    #1. Stop Chasing Them

    The first thing you must stop doing after a breakup is chasing your partner. After breakup what people usually do is text their partner all the time, beg them, tell them they’ll do everything their partner asks for, and shower them with a lot of affection. You may think doing all these things will make your ex want you back. But, in reality, when you do all these things it makes your ex think that you are needy and being needy is not at all attractive. When you try to chase your ex like crazy, it rather pushes them away instead of bringing them back to you. No matter how difficult you find it make sure you don’t chase them.

    5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back

    #2. Give Yourself and Your Ex Some Time and Space

    We understand you miss them and can’t handle the fact that you two have broken up. But, you need to give yourself and your ex some space and time. Make sure you don’t contact them at all for a short period. Let me share the reason with you why you shouldn’t contact them.

    Firstly, they need some time to move away from all the negative thoughts in their mind related to your relationship and should miss you. When you’ll not contact them at all they’ll go crazy. Let them know what they have lost.

    Secondly, give yourself some time too. Let yourself calm down a bit and think about what is good for you. Maybe, you are just missing them because you have become habitual of them being around you. Give yourself some time maybe you’ll realize that you are happier after your break up and don’t need your ex to make you happy. Or maybe you still want them back in your life. But, do remember there’s a difference between wanting something and needing something.

    Thirdly, you need to be a confident person before you get them back in your life. Before you meet your ex, make sure you make some positive changes in yourself that make your ex attracted towards you. Be happy, reevaluate your life, do things that make you happy, experiment with your look and do the things you always wanted to do but didn’t because your partner doesn’t like it. Let them see you as a completely new person and find themselves attracted to you.

    But, how long you should not contact your ex? I would say, don’t contact them until you feel great about yourself. Wait until you start to love yourself again. It may take up to 30 days max. You may also like What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality

    5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back

    #3. Be Someone Your Ex Can’t Resist To

    Being in no contact with your ex or not chasing them, is no use until you make some positive changes in you. When you come in a relationship you have your dreams, your own goals to accomplish but, after being in a relationship many of us forget about our goals and all we care is about our partner. And that’s where our partner loses interest. Meanwhile, you are in no contact period with your partner, get your individuality back. Mould yourself as a better person. Make positive changes in your appearance, habits, mentality, and behavior. Ask yourself why you want your ex back in your life? And if your answer is- I can’t live without him/her, He/She is the only one for me then it may be that you just can’t take the fact that someone rejected you. Think of a real reason why you want them back and why actually you guys break up and mould yourself accordingly.

    5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back

    #4. Contact Your Ex

    Now, this is the right time to contact your ex. When your ex must have left you they must have thought you’ll go all crazy over them, texting them, chasing them, etc. But, when you didn’t do any such thing they must be wondering what the hell has happened to you? And slowly and gradually they’ll forget your image as a needy person and will think about all the things they find attractive about you. But, how to know it’s the right time? Well, it very easy. When you know that you are not a mess any more after your ex broke with you, you have a positive change in your life, you have grown as an individual, you are very sure that you want to be back with them and the most important thing you are ready to accept the fact that they might not want to get back with you or any such situation. You may also like 10 Signs Your Partner is Head Over Heels in Love With You

    5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back

    #5. Meet Your Ex

    Now it’s time to meet your ex. But, when you meet them, make sure you are not desperate to get back with them. Don’t immediately tell them you want to get back with them. Let them notice the changes in you, let them get attracted towards you. Talk with them but make sure you have your boundaries. If they are attracted towards you they’ll for sure say that they miss you and want to be back with you. Don’t jump immediately over them. Keep yourself calm and allow them to chase you for a week or so. Let them understand your importance and when you are sure they want to be back with you, you can patch up with your ex.  You may also like TOP 25 HOME REMEDIES TO REMOVE TANNING

    These were “5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back”. But, before you get them back we would advise you to allow yourself with some space to think if you really want to be back with them or not. Also, if you are using any other tick to get your ex back do share with us in the comment section. And don’t forget to share your views about “5 Tips On How To Get A Stubborn Ex Back”.

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