5 Things to Avoid Before Sleep

Ever happened with you even after sleeping for 7-8 hours you still don’t feel fresh? Well, this something I experience very often. And if you are also facing the same issue then my friends you are at the right place. Having a sound sleep is very important for our health. If we don’t sleep enough we feel drowsy and feel lazy all day long. But, do you know the reason behind our disturbed sleep. Well, we are not able to enjoy sound sleep because of our own habits. Want to know what habits of your’s disturb your sleep? Then check out with us “5 Things to Avoid Before Sleep.”

#1. Watching TV

Today more than 90% of people have a TV in the same room where they sleep. After working hard the whole day, we need something to relax our mind. And what can be a better option than watching your favorite show on TV? Don’t be amazed to know that about two-thirds of the people watch TV before sleeping, which you shouldn’t be doing. When you watch TV before sleeping, it stimulates your brain. According to MD, W.Christopher Winter and sleep specialist – “The bright light that comes from the TV, it stimulates our brain”. Stimulation of the brain affects secretion of melatonin (a hormone which is necessary for a quality sleep).

Tip – Turn off the TV, before an hour of sleep

#2. Urge to Check Social Media

No matter if we spent hours checking social media, still our desire to check it, again and again, is something which will never be fulfilled. If we are working, walking or trying to fall asleep it is very easy for us to reach our mobile phones to check Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. etc. As watching TV before going to bed is not good same is the case with mobile phones or smartphones. Using mobile phones also stimulate your brain. The blue light that emerges from these devices disturbs the wake clock or natural sleep routine of the body. This is also known as circadian rhythm. You may also like 7 signs that you are a good kisser

Tip- A part of you may not agree to do this but while you are going for sleep keep your phone somewhere out of your reach.

#3. Eating Spicy and Sweet Food

According to some research within an hour of going to bed can affect the quality of sleep, especially for women. So try not to eat anything before going to bed. But, if you are hungry before going to bed, we would recommend you should eat things like peanut butter with a slice of bread. Avoid eating food which is full of fat or sweet and spicy food.

Tip: For proper digestion, eat your meal 2 hours before going to bed.

#4. Consuming Caffeine

Some of us drink coffee before going to bed because we feel tired and then complain we can’t fall asleep.  We all know that coffee contains caffeine, which is enough to keep you awake. Don’t be amazed to know but, caffeine stays in our body for 12 hours. And not only coffee but some chocolates also contain caffeine up-to 100 grams. So if you want to enjoy a sound sleep avoid the consumption of things which contain caffeine before sleeping.

Tip- You love drinking coffee and eating chocolates. Go ahead no one is stopping you. But, enjoy it during the day

#5. Drinking Water Immediately Before Bedtime

Drinking water is very important and one should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day. But, you should avoid drinking water immediately before going to bed. If we drink water before bed it makes us want to go to pee. And waking up to pee while we are asleep disturbs our sleep. You may also like 3 Best Tips to a Healthy Online Relationship

Tip- Pee before going to bed and then don’t drink water

Our body has set the timing for many things and sleep is one of them. So it’s is very important to have enough sleep so that we may not feel groggy. So next time you are going for sleep make sure you keep these 5 things in your mind. And you’ll enjoy a sound sleep and will be able to start your day on a fresh note without feeling Dizzy. Also, share with us how much you like “5 Things to Avoid Before Sleep.”


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