10 Things About Indian Army – A Salute to Brave

We all are sitting at our homes and enjoying our life without any worries and the only and the sole reason behind our safety is “The Indian Army”. Indian Army is fighting at the border protecting us from illegal immigration and terrorism. It’s all thanks to them we are able to breathe in save the environment only because they risk their lives at the border to protect our “Motherland. Here’s a small tribute to our soldier who leaves their own family in order to protect the motherland. Know with us “10 Things About Indian Army – A Salute to Brave”

#1. Provision for Conscription

In countries like Korea and Israel once a person is 18 years old he has to serve the army for a period of 2 years as mentioned in the provision of conscription. India also shares the same Provision for Conscription but thankfully we never had to use it because of the number of volunteers we have who wants to work for their motherland.

#2.  Controls the highest battlefield in the world

Yes, The Indian Army controls the highest battlefield in the world which is known as Siachen Glacier. Siachen Glacier is 5000 meters above sea level and with all the major passes it is under the administration of India until today since 1984 and will continue to be under Indian Administration only all because of our brave soldier protecting it.

#3. Indian Army has built the Highest Altitude Bridge

The great Indian Army has built a bridge with the highest altitude in the world.  It was created to cover the distance between the Dras River and the Suru River which is situated in Ladakh valley. It is a Baily Bridge which is 30 meters long and 5,602 meters above the sea level. Our Indian Army built this bridge in the year 1982.

#4. Horsed Cavalry Regiment

Cavalry are the soldiers also known as Horsemen who fight on horseback. Only a few are remaining in the world out of which India also has a Horsed Cavalry Regiment or we can say one of the three or last three regiments in the world remaining. You may also like 7 signs that you are a good kisser

#5. Indian Army has never Attacked First

India has faced a number of attacks till date and maybe will face some more in future but we the citizen of India don’t have to worry because we have such brave soldiers to protect us. You’ll be amazed to know that The Indian Army has never initiated the attack on any other nation in order to rule them or gain power. Indian Army believes in peace and harmony but when someone tries to hurt their motherland they are always ready to fight back.

#6. Global Fire Power List

Indian Army is at the fourth position in the Global Fire Power List after the United State, Russia and China and the day is not far when we’ll be holding the number one place in this list also. You may also like 3 Best Tips to a Healthy Online Relationship

#7. Biggest Civilian Rescue in the World

The Great Indian Army has also carried the biggest civilian rescue operation in the world. The operation was named as Rahat. There was an extensive flood in Uttrakhand and our army helped to rescue the number of victims and saved their lives.

#8. High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS)

This school was established in the year 1948 as a Ski School in Gulmarg which now is known as High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS). It is considered as one of the most elite and trusted training center for the soldiers in the world and don’t be amazed to know that selected soldiers from UK, US, Germany, and other countries visit our training center regularly for the specialist training.

#9.  Outstation base in Tajikistan

Indian Army has an outstation base in Tajikistan near the town Fakhor. This air base is controlled by the Indian Military and is the first and the only air base outside its territory. You may also like 10 Facts About the Female Body Very Few People Know

#10. Training at the NDA.

National  Defense Academy (NDA) is the joint service for Indian Armed Air Force. The cadets of The Army, The Navy, and The Air Force are trained here together before they go for their respective service and not only these three but or we can say not just Indians but the cadets from 28 countries receive their training at NDA.

I feel proud when I read all these facts about “The Indian Army” and I know that you must also be feeling the same. These are just a few numbers of things we got to know The Indian Army. There are a number of hidden operations and things The Indian Army execute to save our Motherland and its people we are not even aware of. A huge salute and respect to the mother’s of brave soldiers, who gather courage to send their children to server The Indian Army. Do Share your views about “10 Things About Indian Army – A Salute to Brave”

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