10 Psychological Facts that will Blow your Mind

There are many questions that come to our mind but we don’t find any practical answer for them. Like, how can someone fall in love by just looking at a person, or what does our strange dreams mean? However, thanks to Psychology we have answers to all these weird questions. Today we are here with “10 Psychological Facts that will Blow your Mind”. Come and check out with us some weird and amazing facts.

#1. There are people who lose their virginity when they are older than 19 years, such people have a high income, higher education and healthy relationship than those who lose their virginity before they are 19 years old.

#2. Do you often see some strange people in your dream and wonder who are they? Well! those strange people are not actually strange. They are the people you have seen in real life. It’s just that you don’t recognize them because you don’t see them often. You may also like 15 Interesting Facts about Game of Thrones You Need to Know

#3. You can tell if a person is crying because of happiness or pain. If the first teardrop falls from the right eye, it means the person is crying out of happiness. But, if the first tear fall from the left eye it means the person is sad.

#4. We often say men are funnier than women. But in reality, it’s not true. Men are not funnier than women, they just crack more jokes without thinking about other people. They don’t care if other people will like their humor or not. They just say whatever they feel like saying.

#5. Often people say that they like to be alone and that’s why they don’t have many friends. But, being alone for a long period of time is not good for your health. It is as bad as smoking 15-16 cigarettes per day. So, we are not asking to have a whole bunch of friends but having one or two is must for good health. You may also like 10 Most Weirdest Places in the World- Part 1

#6. When a person is lying about something he/she will keep their hand still, always. However, if a person is telling the truth they’ll make use of hand gestures to express properly. So, now you know when someone is lying to you.

#7. According to a study, it has been founded that- Men who run on a regular basis have a great sex desire and also attract more women toward them, in comparison of the men who don’t run at all. So, What are you waiting for guys? Want to attract more women, start running today.

#8. Another study suggests that people who lost their cell phone, they experience a panic attack that too almost similar or near to death. Well, I can agree, even the thought of losing my phone scares me and what about you? Have you ever lost your phone, share with us in the comment section. You may also like THINGS MEN SECRETLY ADMIRE ABOUT WOMEN BODY

#9. Does it ever happen with you that one person is constantly appearing your dreams even when you are not in contact with that person? Well, according to psychology if such thing happens that means that person might be thinking about you. So, if you see your ex in your dreams on a constant basis there might be a chance that they are thinking about you.


#10. Do you often talk to yourself instead of talking to people? Well I do it and people call me mad, crazy or weird but, I do so because it makes me feel good to talk to myself. And if you are just like me then my friends, don’t give up on this habit of your’s because according to a study, Talking to yourself actually makes you smarter.

These were “10 Psychological Facts that will Blow your Mind”. We hope you enjoy reading them. So, if you have experienced any of these things do mention in the comment and also now you know the reason behind it. Also, do share your views with us “10 Psychological Facts that will Blow your Mind”.


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