10 Amazing Facts about Men that will Blow your Mind

People say Women is a confusing character. I say Men are no less. You all must have read various facts about women. How they are different, About their body, about their nature. But, what about men? Have you ever read facts about men? No, Maybe, Not Sure? Well, today we are here for you with “10 Amazing Facts about Men that will Blow your Mind”. Come and Enjoy reading with us.

#1. Almost a Year of Men’s Life They Stare Women

Do you know how much time exactly a man spend starting women? Well, don’t be amazed to know they spend 43 minutes of a day staring at 10 women. So if we calculate, they spend 11 days or 259 hours each year staring at women. It has also been found that men between the age of 18 to 50 year, they spend 11 months and 11 days looking at women. This was according to the research of Kidak Lens Vision Employee. Who did a survey of 3,000 people and came up with this result. It was also found that supermarkets, nightclub, pubs are the most common place where men gaze at women the most.

#2. Men are Trying to Attract Girl’s Attention if they Keep their Thumbs on Their Belt

When a man is interested in a woman and wants to show his interest in her, he takes a pose the depicts he is strong and courageous. Mostly, the man keeps his thumb hooked to his belt. So, girls next time to see a man holding a belt buckle while looking at you, he might be interested in you. You may also like BEST HOME REMEDIES TO PREVENT ACNE

#3. Men like Women with a Healthy Weight

If you ever wondered what kind of woman men exactly like? Well, according to Blanca Ortega-Roldán Oliva research men prefer to be with a slim woman who also looks healthy. This means men are not always attracted to girls who have a model appearance and their weight is as light as a feather. They like women who are healthy.

#4. Men Life Twice Often as Women

An average man lies 6 times a day to his partner, colleagues or his boss. While women lie only 3 times a day. This fact was discovered by Fox Home Entertainment in 2009. It was done before the release of TV Show named “Lie To Me”. So it seems like men lie twice if we compared to women. And do you want to know the most common phrase which men use while lying to others? Well, the phrase is “It’s OK. I’m fine.”

#5. Man Lifestyle Depends on his IQ

According to the study of scientist from Karolinska Institute, If has been found that the way men live their life depends upon their IQ Level. According to some other research, it has been found that men with lower IQ, drink often too much. However, it is believed that drinking fact is only because of IQ but also because of the emotional problem that men have. Moreover, it is believed by scientist that higher IQ leads to a healthier lifestyle.

#6. Men Eat Twice When They are with Women

You may find this fact a little wired but, it’s true. When men have lunch or dinner with a woman, they eat more. If a man is eating pizza with a woman he’ll 93% more as compared to if he would eat the same pizza in the company of another man. According to Kevin Kniffin studies, men eat more food to impress women. It seems silly, doesn’t it? But then again, these are instincts.

#7. Men are Friends through their Interests

According to Ronald E Riggio research, friendship among men is based mainly on common interest. Men love to play their favorite sport like golf, cricket, hockey, poker or watch matches on TV with their friends. So, next time you see two men friend or wonder why they became friends it’s because they own interest in something common. You may also like 10 Tips to Boost your Immune System

#8. Men prefer looser clothes with age

How we feel is affected by what are we wearing. That’s the reason why man feel more confident in a suit while at the business meeting. However, with age men, preferences in clothes change. For example- You must have seen many young guys wearing tight jeans or shorts, even though they don’t feel comfortable in them. But as men grow up, their desire of being fashionable is replaced by being more comfortable. So, men prefer looser clothes with age. You may also like Pros and Cons of Using Dry Shampoo

#9. Men prefer Compliments from Other Men

Who doesn’t love compliments, especially from the opposite sex? But men being men, they love compliments from other men more. According to Robert Herbert, people smoothly accept compliments and say thank you in return only 30% of the time. And in such a case man getting a compliment from another man is something that they find pleasant and it also increases their self-esteem.

#10. Men Change their Walking Speed with Different People

A man walks about 7% slower when they are walking with their wives for girlfriends and speed up while walking with other men. This is because men naturally tend to walk faster than women. So when they are with their wife and girlfriends they slow down their walking speed in order to match with them.

These were some amazing facts about men we bet you didn’t know about. If you know some more facts related to men, do share with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share with us how much you like “10 Amazing Facts about Men that will Blow your mind”.


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