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    Review of Grooming Products from Aroma Essentials

    Hey My Lovely Peeps 🙂 Today I will be reviewing Grooming Kit from Aroma Essentials. This kit contains a Face Wash, a Soap & Hair Cleanser (Shampoo) & a Body Butter. The best part is these all products are totally Herbal, Natural & Chemical Free :* In fact this Grooming Kit combo is perfect for Gift purpose too. So here’s Review of Grooming Products from Aroma Essentials.


    About Company:

    Aroma Essentials was started by Mrs. Madhurima almost 12 years ago. Armed with a degree / diploma in Cosmetology and Aesthetics, she set out to make homemade cosmetics to treat her acne condition. Our products are a combination of Aromatherapy and Botanical extracts. Aroma Essentials offer a wide range of Skin Care to Hair Care, Soaps, Eye Care, Lip Care, Scrubs, Face Masks, Baby Care Products, Tan Removal, Make-up remover, Hydrating mist, Belly butter, Body Pomades, Massage candles and many more.


    What Company Claims:

    We provide completely natural solutions for skin and hair care so you do not have to worry about any side effects. Our products are a combination of Aromatherapy and Botanical extracts. Our products are composed of natural essential and vegetable oils, natural butters and emollients that are safe to use and are non-comedogenic and non-irritant. Aroma Essentials offer a wide range of Skin Care to Hair Care, Soaps, Eye Care, Lip Care, Scrubs, Face Masks, Baby Care Products, Tan Removal, Make-up remover, Hydrating mist, Belly butter, Body Pomades, Massage candles and many more.

    Here’s What is in Grooming Kit:

    This Herbal Grooming Kit is having 4 products of daily basis usage: a Face Wash, Soap & a Hair Cleanser (Shampoo) and a Body Butter. Let’s see how these products performed:

     Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser:

    All my life I have used shampoos. This is the first time I made use of an herbal Hair Cleanser. The best thing about this herbal Hair Cleanser is that it is totally Organic, Chemical & SLS free. It is made of Onion Pulp, Methi & Jeshtamadh along with some essential oils. It’s having a subtle smell that won’t bother your noses. The smell is some herbal type which even I don’t know how to explain but vanishes away once you use conditioner.


    Using it is a bit headache for me as I am new to such cream type hair cleansers. You got to take 1 spoon of cream & mix it with 2 spoons of water, make a paste & then apply as a shampoo on hair. It lathers nicely & then you can rinse off.


    Now is the best part; about effects of Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser. 1 word simply “WOW”. I mean on 1st usage after the hard work of applying it on hair & all, the moment I rinsed off the water i felt so smooth, silky & Clean hair. I was surprised there in the shower & checked my hair in the mirror to see what Miracle just happened? The hair felt so Clean & Soft and when I applied conditioner, I could see conditioner getting applied better & even the end result was way better than the normal when my hair dried.


    There was a lot more improvement in the texture, feel & look of my hair after 1st wash. I will highly suggest this Aroma Essentials Hair Cleanser to people like me having frizzy & dry hair.

    Price: Rs.200 for 100 gms bottle {when diluted with water, the quantity becomes triple}

    Rating: 4/5 {Applying it is a headache for me but since I am new to it may be that’s why else its effects are so good that I am ready to make that much of efforts during hair wash}

    Aroma Essentials Lavender Body Butter:

    Open this at your own risk as it smells heavenly. I simply can’t resist myself from opening & smelling it. This is normal body butter inside a typical plastic bottle. The body butter is white in color with creamy texture with awesome fragrance.


    The body butter is made of shea mango kokum & cocoa butters with vegetable oils like apricot, almond, sunflower and grapeseed.


    It is not oily or sticky but yet moisturizes the skin nicely. Also small amount is enough for the skin & hence your bottle will go long way. It doesn’t make my skin oily after hours of application which is its best part. Fragrance stay for 2-3 hours & moisturizing effect is there for full day easily. Also as per company, it acts as a sunscreen too which is also an additional benefit.


    Price: Rs.350 for 50 ml bottle & Rs 550 for 125gm (Budget Pack)

    Rating: 4.5/5 {Minus 1 only if gets a bit cheap else its perfect}

    Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash:

    This particular product is my favorite & I am going to order 2 more bottles of these soon; one for me & one for mom as even she has loved this one. We all suffer from Tanning during summers & for summers, this face wash is a Must to Keep in your Pocket. It cleanses skin, it is herbal & chemical free, gives instant glow to face & most importantly removes Tanning.


    For Full review of Aroma Essentials Tomato Face Wash, go here

    Price: Rs.350 for 120 ml bottle

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Aroma Essentials Soap Manjistha:

    This is a square shaped soap which is brick red in color. It’s fragrance is nice which is unique some sort of herbal essence but very pleasant. The soap lathers really well & cleanses pretty nicely without drying out the skin. I skipped my body lotion after bath to see whether it dries up skin but it didn’t.


    The soap is free of Parabens and other harmful chemicals & hence is very safe for skin especially those having sensitive skin, this soap is a must to have.


    It’s a skin polishing soap especially for brides as on side it is having scrub particles too. It is made of Manjistha, curd powder and red sandal wood.


    Price: Rs.350 for 80gm soap

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Will I Buy Aroma Essentials Products Again?

    Yes, in fact I will buy products for my family too! I am so happy to come across Aroma Essentials & their huge range of Skincare, Haircare and Bodycare products which are chemical free. Overall I loved all products from Aroma Essentials. I will do a variety now in Soap & Body Butter but Hair Cleanser and Tomato Face wash I won’t leave now.

    In fact I have ordered their under eye dark circle corrector kit along with Hair Fall Control Kit. Will use both for a month & then share my experience with my lovely readers 😀

    Contact Aroma Essentials:

    Facebook page: Aroma Essentials

    Instagram: @aromaessentials

    Mobile No: +91-7760988272 ( Madhurima )

    Let me know how much you liked my post on Review of Grooming Products from Aroma Essentials.

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