About Us

Beauty is Nothing Without Brains

Style and Geek, while the combination of Style and Geek sounds a little off the track, but this blogging website is a perfect online platform for everyone, the ones’ looking for Styling World Information, Health Tips, Gadgets Reviews, Truth behind the Popular Myths and Geeky Stuff. We believe that Beauty should exist with Brains and that’s why We bring latest & up-to-the-minute information from the Style World and Geek Universe.

What We Do?

We focus on serving our online readers with the latest happenings in the style and technology world. We bring you some of the most interesting articles busting the popular myths, helping you with useful tips and hacks, providing a genuine review of gadgets and technology oriented products.

Style and Geek is run by some of the passionate professionals who want the online users to get access to some of the most useful and authentic information that can be used in the day to day life.

Products and Services Review

We provide unbiased and honest reviews for the beauty products, tech gadgets, technology products, mobile apps, services and websites. We provide a unique and widely accessed online platform to the SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) to gain online visibility and inform the audiences about their offerings.
All the opinions presented in the review posts are genuine and not compensated by any advertiser, PR representative, brand or affiliate. The information that has been presented is best of our knowledge & expertise. We do not recommend any products, but share our honest opinion about its usage. Whether to use the product or not, based on our review is completely the decision of the user.

Breaking Myths

We believe in breaking the old age myths with pure knowledge & true facts. There are several people who have believed some beauty, life and health related myths since long. We bring the truth behind these myths and help them overcome the myths with the help of professionals of respective fields.

Our Team

Our team comprises of professionals and experts of their respective fields who help us bring the best information to you. You can find a variety of posts on this blog as our team is comprised of people having an array of expertise in different niches. We conduct comprehensive research about the product, service or topic before publishing the posts based on those on our website, Style and Geek.

Should you have any query regarding a post or want to advertise on our website, you can Contact Us at styleandgeek@gmail.com