5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly

Impressing someone may not be easy as it seems to be. Never worry, with little tricks, it may become easier to impress anyone and everyone you meet in your life. Here are 5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly.

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    7 Mistakes Due to Which You’re not Getting Abs

    Do you also love abs? Are you also working hard for it but, upset with the results? Abs is one of the top agenda among gym freak people. Some have it, some want it and others are working hard for it. But, even after working hard they are not getting any results. So, in order to find out the reason behind it we ask Mr. Rajat Dhamija (Mr.Punjab as well as Mr.Jalandhar). He is very enthusiastic about Health & Fitness, and also a Certified Nutritionist. Mr. Rajat shared with us about the mistakes we make due to which we’re not getting abs. Want to know more about mistakes? Read with us “7 Mistakes Due to Which You’re not Getting Abs.”

    #1. Not Concentrating On Overall Body Fat

    There’s an old saying “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the Gym”. This saying doesn’t mean that there’s a special kind of food which one should eat in order to get abs. But, the actual meaning of this saying is – what you eat has a great impact on what you gain. You’ll not be able to see your abs because you’ll be having a fat layer covering them up for you. So, Mr. Rajat shared with us that in order to make abs visible you need to lose body fat, for your abs to be visible.  He also shared with us that only doing endless crunches set isn’t gonna help you to lose weight with that you also have to watch your diet.

    #2. Only Doing Isolation Exercises

    There are people who are only going for isolation abs exercise. This is one of the mistakes everyone should avoid. People who only do exercises like planks, leg raises, crunches lack functional and comprehensive core development. So, it is very important to add compound movements to your routine like deadlifts and squats. You may also like Know These Things Before Taking Protein Powder

    #3. Not Using Enough Resistance

    This is one of the mistake which people commonly make. Most of the people apply different training principle to their Abs and to other muscle groups. When it comes to muscle people go for bench pressing and heavy weights. However, when it comes to abs, they focus more on burning through repetition with lightweight or no weight at all. But, this is not the correct way. When you do rep again and again with lower resistance, you are increasing the endurance of abdominal muscles. However, doing so isn’t going to make the bigger. Just like our muscle, our abs also needs to be trained with enough resistance in order to grow the stronger and bigger. For this, you can focus more on exercises such as – weighted decline crunches, machine ab crunches, and kneeling cable crunches.

    #4. Doing Ab Exercises First

    Abs is also a part of the core area that helps you to stabilize the body. If you do abs exercise first, you’ll have a hard time doing another exercise like squats. Also, people do their abs training too often. However, just like muscles, abs also required time to recover after each session. So, it’ll be good for you if you go for abs training only for 2-3 times a week. Also, if you are working out properly some people can also go for once in a week. You may also like 10 Mistakes You Should Never Do During Sex

    #5. Forgetting About Your Lower Back

    Along with front and side, the core has a back too. Many people neglect their lower back muscle (erector spine). However, it’s important to train them like every other muscle of your body. Treat your lower back as your abs, if you really want a strong core. Train it smart and hard, and you’ll feel strong as you look.

    #6. Only Working In One Angle

    Transversus abdominis, erector spine, and rectus abdomen are all part of your core. But they’re several muscles with fibers going in all manner of directions. You need to train them in more than one angle. Hyperextensions (spinal extension), Seated twists (spinal rotation), Planks (isometric/stabilization), and side bends (lateral spinal flexion) are movements that target core in comprehensive ways as compared to typical crunch. You may also like Foods Item that actually helps to lose weight

    #7. Not Isolating The Muscles Properly

    The last mistake we would like to mention is- with abs training, people are going through motions. However, they are not targeting the appropriate abs muscles efficiently. Is it very easy to do the same with crunching motions; you can make use of your hips flexors or upper body momentum rather than the muscles you actually wish to target. There is a very easy fix for this- drop the weight, slow your reps down and focus on contraction feeling in the muscles.

    These were “7 Mistakes Due to Which You’re not Getting Abs” by Mr. Rajat Dhamija. You can also contact Mr. Rajat Dhamija via  Instagram , Facebook  and seek his guidance. And, if you were also committing these mistakes unknowingly, we hope you’ll try to avoid them. Also, if you want to share another mistake regarding abs exercise do mention it in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to tell us how much you like “7 Mistakes Due to Which You’re not Getting Abs.”



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