5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly

Impressing someone may not be easy as it seems to be. Never worry, with little tricks, it may become easier to impress anyone and everyone you meet in your life. Here are 5 Tricks to Impress People Quickly.

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    10 Powerful Body Language Tips

    Body language or some of us even call it non-verbal way communication plays a very important role in our life.  Our body language often depicts the things which we are trying to hide like being nervous, or excited. Even if we are talking to a person being it a professional talk or social, the other person can tell very easily from our body language that, how confident are we or how comfortable are we with them.  So, having a powerful body language is really important and that’s why we are here with “10 Powerful Body Language Tips” you must know.

    #1. Eye Contact

    While you are talking with someone or pitching your idea about the new service or product, it is very important to maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to, your audience, or your client. Psychologically it has been proven that when someone talks to you while looking into your eyes, you pay attention to that particular person automatically. Therefore, while you are in an interview, a meeting or some important conversation always maintain eye contact with the concerned person, It shows how confident you are about what are you saying.

    #2. Be Comfortable, Confident, and Calm

    We understand one get nervous while talking or presenting something important but if you are steadily wriggling, biting your nails or putting pencil or pen in your mouth; all these things show how nervous you are. When your audience or the concerned person notice nervousness in your voice or gesture in your body language they automatically start to doubt the idea or motive you are representing. While speaking personally or publicly all you need to do is be calm and confident. Be sure that your body language should reflect your confidence level to your audience so that, they can have a sense of security in their mind and trust what you are explaining them.

    #3. Smile is the Key

    If you genuinely want your audience to become comfortable with you and believe what you are saying, the best key is to smile. You must have noticed when you see other person smiling at you, you lower your defence and be more relaxed and listen to the person calmly. The same will happen with you, when you’ll smile while talking to the other person it’ll become easier for you to convince them and make them feel more comfortable.

    #4. Hand Gestures

    If session or presentation is quite long people often tend to get bored and avoid listing to you. But, if you really want your audience attention, want to maintain communication with them then, using hand gestures while communicating or speaking is the best way to keep your audience engaged. We are not saying just keep moving your hands throughout the presentation but use your hand gesture whenever you find it essential and feel you are losing contact with your audience.

    #5. Exhibit Your Palms

    It has been neurologically proven that when people show their palm while pitching a product or service are signalling honesty and engagement. When you don’t do the same, people often raise their guards towards you and also start to doubt the idea you are pitching. So, whenever you own the stage to have a conversation with a particular number of people don’t forget to exhibit your palms.

    #6. Nod Your Head

    It’s important to listen to the speaker but it is also very important to let the speaker know that you are listening to him/her. It is very essential to nod your head while you are listing to someone, be it your colleague or any of your senior. Nodding of the head shows how actively you are listening to the speakers. Also, it builds speakers confidence as he/she believes that you are understanding what he/she is trying to say. You may also like 10 Mistakes You should Never Do During Sex

    #7. Point Out

    While you are giving a presentation using hand gestures, making eye contact is perfectly fine but pointing at the screen is equally important too. This is an extraordinary way to catch or divert attention of the audience and also helps you to maintain it. When you point at the screen it’ll automatically shift the focus of the concerned person to the presentation and will also increase their interest level.

    #8. Answer Positively

    It is a very obvious thing that, if one is presenting something they’ll have to answer the question of audience. But, what you need to remember is you are in such a situation is that the answer you are giving is positive, and you are confident enough while answering the question. Avoid giving an answer that you yourself are not sure or unclear about and most importantly, don’t divert yourself or your audience from the main point of discussion. You may also like 10 Tips for Being Safe on Tinder and Internet Dates

    #9. Voice

    While speaking in public or in a meeting make sure that you don’t speak too fast or too slow. Try to maintain a balance, and speak at a normal rate of speech.  Make sure you are loud enough that everyone even at the back is able to hear you clearly. Avoid whispering or speaking in a low tone it’ll make your audience impatience and you might end up mumbling or stammering. All you need to do is keep yourself confident enough that even your body language reflects your confidence level and maintain your rate of speech.

    #10. Sit Straight

    If you are sitting in an interview or in a meeting room always sit with your back straight and your chin parallel to the table. This reflects your level of attentiveness and your confidence too. If you sit while leaning back it’ll show that you are not serious about the matter of discussion and taking everything too casually.

    These were some tips for maintaining a powerful body language. Body language is very important no matter if you are attending a formal or informal gathering. Even if a person is not talking with you he/she often tends to judge you with your body language. We hope these will help to correct your body language and don’t forget to share your views about “10 Powerful Body Language Tips”

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